de Blasio’s Safer NYC

de Blasio's Safer NYC
de Blasio’s Safer NYC

So, Mayor “Cop Killer” de Blasio releases a horde of 1500+ prisoners because of COVID-19 and brags how the city is safer. Meanwhile, inexplicably, murder rates and other crime rates soar immediately afterward.

It truly begs the question, safer for whom? Certainly, it’s not safer for those in NYC who actually pay taxes.

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They’ve Got A Runaway

Van Jones - The Runaway Slave

It seems that the Dems and their Liberal and Progressive rabble have themselves a runaway slave in the form of Van Jones. It seems that Van Jones went “off script” and “off the plantation” by daring to compliment conservatives at CPAC over their so-far seemingly net successful efforts in Prison Reform.

This, obviously, viciously “triggered” the Left.

What Jones said:

“The conservative movement in this country, unfortunately from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of reform,” Jones said. He pointed to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Secretary of Energy and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Republicans who were able to “cut the prison population and crime at the same time.”

“What you’re seeing now is Republican governors being tough on the dollars. Tough on crime and shrinking the prison population,” he said.

“This is supposed to be my issue!” Jones exclaimed. “You are stealing my issue!” he told the cheering conservative crowd. 

“I’m going to stay in my party,” he told the audience as some of them indicated he should come over to their side. “But take some dadgum credit for being smart. Take some dadgum credit for getting it right.”

Of course, the Dems – especially their ever-angry minority sharecroppers – were quick to attack Jones over his “race treason,” labeling him a worthless “Sell-Out” and lamenting that he no longer seemed to hate Whites enough to be still considered “Black Enough.”

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Obama’s Third Term

I support a third term for Obama
I Support A Third Term For Obama – 25 To Life

Yes, a third term of 25-to-life in a federal Supermax prison for Obama and Moochelle sounds acceptable. Hanged by the neck until dead would be better but 25-to-life would do the job that America needs done almost as well and with less headaches.

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Sarcasm Or Prophecy?

Onion LogoThe Onion has been a source of humor and sarcasm for many years now. It’s also been a bane to many politicians and pundits when they mistook The Onion’s dry and oft-times totally deadpan wit for an actual news report.

Given the normal dryness of their send ups of news and current events, I can understand their mistaking the humor for fact.

A perfect example of this is The Onion’s sarcastic response to Ariel Castro being found hanging in his prison cell on Tuesday night.

Ariel Castro Failed By System

ORIENT, OH—In yet another glaring indication of the nation’s broken criminal justice system, Ohio correctional officers discovered the body of inmate Ariel Castro, a Cleveland man serving a life sentence on rape and kidnapping charges, hanging from his jail cell Tuesday night, prompting strong calls for action from reformers looking to correct America’s failed correctional policy. “What happened to Ariel Castro is symptomatic of a deeply flawed rehabilitation system that provides neither justice nor security, instead allowing countless men and women each year to fall through the cracks,” prison reform advocate John Wolahan told reporters, noting that Castro, who police say was left unattended for 30 minutes at a time by security personnel, was as much a victim of the prison’s negligence as he was of society as a whole. “In a legal system concerned with harsh sentencing and ultra-punitive approaches to justice, the well-being of people like Ariel Castro—those who have to live in the system we created—is treated as a mere afterthought. And I ask you: How many Ariel Castros have to suffer before we realize the machine is broken? His death is something we all have to live with.” Reformers added that the case was especially tragic because prison employees had reportedly seen warning signs from Castro for weeks and took no action.

Yes, this is sarcasm but is it also prophecy? Doesn’t it sound exactly like what one might expect any of the various enemies of law, order, and American judicial and penal systems could be expected to claim in the wake of a monster’s suicide in prison?

The true irony is that the article, intended as sarcastic humor, sounds exactly like what the Liberals and Progressives can be expected to say about Castro’s death. They, after all, don’t believe in punishing non-White Collar criminals and have nothing but hatred for America’s penal system and little but sympathy for creatures quarantined within it.

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Mitigating Gun Violence

In the wake of the tragic Newton School Massacre the gun grabbers are in the forefront of America’s news media again. This always happens whenever there’s a shooting that viscerally impacts the Middle Class’ sensibilities. Immediately after any such a tragedy various Liberal and Progressive elements start calling for sundry forms of bans upon weapons and ammunition in an attempt at supposedly mitigating gun violence in America.

Americans, of course, are at least equally invested in mitigating gun violence in America. Their chosen means of doing so just radically differ from those of the Liberal and Progressives. Both schools of thought, however, are horribly flawed insofar as probable long-term effectiveness are concerned.

Utilitarian JusticePerhaps a truly utilitarian approach is needed in these circumstances, one that actually addresses gun violence in America.

The rare but well-publicized spree killings aside, you cannot truly address gun violence in America without addressing the “Black Community.” Hence, that is where any real, pragmatic efforts need to be focused and enacted. Any other measures are absolutely assured of failure.

It’s a simple fact that Blacks make up only 12 – 13% of the US population but account for 56.4%% of the murderers who used firearms to kill in the country and 50.9% of the victims of murderers who used firearms.

White Black Other
All Homicides 45.8% 52.2% 2.0%
Gun Homicides 41.9% 56.4% 1.7%

The above statistics are an aggregate of homicides between 1976-2005 and quite clearly show where the problem is and what demographic is consistently and disproportionately to their numbers causing it. They also clearly show that, if one wants to dramatically reduce homicides in general and firearm-related homicides in specific, then we have to address the problem of the “Black Community” instead of firearms.

If we took the utilitarian approach and exterminated, enslaved, sequestered, or exiled the Blacks, we’d immediately reduce homicides, especially firearm-related ones, by over 50%. Other crime statistics, unemployment numbers, and poverty rates would drop in similar manner.

If the wholesale remove of the Blacks from America is too extreme, given that many Blacks pose no threat to themselves or others, we could just exterminate, enslave, sequester, or exile the “scary looking” Blacks. This, while having a lesser salutary effect upon homicide statistics, would likely address the worst parts of the situation and eliminate the worst of the homicides.

An even less extreme methodology would be to simply sterilize, i.e., geld, all the Black males in America. While this wouldn’t address the problem in our times it would ensure that our children and our children’s children would not have to contend with the homicide statistics that our generation has to deal with.

NOTE: I’m not being sexist. It is simply that, as veterinary medicine has proven, neutering males is far cheaper and safer than spaying females.

Any of the above measures would curtail American homicides, especially firearm-related homicides, far more effectively and surely than any other measures that could be considered. That’s the primary advantage of the utilitarian approach; it’s results oriented and solely focused on providing the greatest good to greatest number of people.

Nor can there be any valid Constitutional argument against the extermination, enslavement, sequestration, or exile of the Blacks, in whole or in part. Our Founding Fathers and our later forbears never envisioned what the state of America would be with free Black population of any size living within her borders. The Constitution was designed as a “living document” to be amended and revised to reflect the changing circumstances of the country.

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