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Life Is

Posted in Announcements on September 18th, 2023

Not a fan of John Lennon, but he was right in this. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. In this case, it’s an attack of life getting in the way of my normal blogging schedule. 🙁

Bi Girls Month 9

Posted in Society on September 11th, 2023
Celebrating Bi Girls Month

In my ever so rarely humble opinion, just having bi girls around the house is both cause for- and an act of celebrating them. It also make Bi Girls Month hit home as it were. 😉

Jill's Senior Moment

Posted in Humor, Politics on September 11th, 2023
Jill's Senior Moment
Jill’s Senior Moment

It seems that most people forget that Jill Biden, at 72, is also rather geriatric. She going to have the occasional “Senior Moment.” As you can see, Jill forgetting Joe’s diaper can be a problem. 😉

But, to be fair, being the primary nursemaid of the most powerful and dangerous dotard in the world has to be incredibly stressful. One can’t blame her too much when she forgets to double-check all of the little things.

Bi Girls Month 8

Posted in Society on September 10th, 2023
Celebrating Bi Girls Month

Bi Girls are the best girls, so let’s keep celebrating them and showing them that we love them even though their own “community” doesn’t particularly do so.

A Proper Martini

Posted in Food & Drink, Humor, Liquor on September 10th, 2023
A Proper Martini Is Shaken, Not Stirred
A Proper Martini Is Shaken, Not Stirred

Lucky Eddie (Hamingju Játvarðr) may have been portrayed throughout the years as Hägar The Horrible’s rather stupid and bumbling sidekick, but he possessed and dispensed great wisdom. As is made clear above, a proper martini is shaken, not stirred. 😉