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2021, 7th Day Of Christmas

Posted in Society on December 31st, 2021

Celebrate The 7th Day Of Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Well, hopefully, you’re not home alone – pun very much intended – and can celebrate the 7th day of Christmas in the best way(s) possible. 😉

2021, 6th Day Of Christmas

Posted in Society on December 30th, 2021

Enjoy The 6th Day Of Christmas

We’re at the midpoint of Christmastide, so enjoy this, the 6th day of Christmas.

2021, 5th Day Of Christmas

Posted in Society on December 29th, 2021

‘Tis The 5th Day Of Christmas

Aye! ‘Tis the 5th day of Christmastide. So Keep on celebrating. Those presents need to be unwrapped and enjoyed every day of this joyous season. 😉

Duāng Duāng Bǎobǎo

Posted in Humor, Society on December 28th, 2021

Duāng Duāng, Bǎobǎo

Duāng Duāng Bǎobǎo (成龍成龍 寶寶) – or, in English, Boing Boing, Baby. Here are six more delightful gifts from China. We may hate the disease that they spread across our land, and we may bemoan the economic damage their Democrat allies caused as a result of it, but we should appreciate how the locked-in, attention-starved Kung Flu-zies dealt with it by using China’s best-inserted espionage tool.

And… A Bonus Factoid

Boing or Duāng didn’t – and technically still doesn’t in the Chinese language, especially in the context of unexpected boob bounces/drops, a favorite of manga, anime, and, apparently, attention-seeking girls in quarantine. Duāng was actually coined by Jackie Chan in the early 2000s.

That’s why I had to write it with two characters. The image to the left isn’t in unicode; it was created by “netizens” in the wake of Duāng‘s viral spread.

Duāng Duāng

😆 And now you have a new factoid and a somewhat better understanding of part of why I’m a polyglot and a lover of linguistics.

Final Note: Both the created hanzi and the formal, two-character breakout I used are actually Jackie Chan’s Chinese stage name, Long Chen – roughly translated, “Become The Dragon.”

2021, 4th Day Of Christmas

Posted in Society on December 28th, 2021

The 4th Day Of Christmas 2021

Just some beautiful reminders that this is the 4th Day of Christmas, this 2021st year of the modern calendar. Also, reminders that, since you’re probably still working from home, you can celebrate any time during the day. 😉