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Go Where You'd Be Happy

Posted in Politics on May 31st, 2022
Go Where You'd Be Happy. There Are About 200 Other Countries. Find One You Don't Loath!
Go Where You’d Be Happy
There Are About 200 Other Countries. Go Find One!

Really! The Leftists and their ever-angry and never-satisfied minorities should just un-ass America and emigrate to some country where they’d be happier – or, at least, less angry and hate-filled – like their celebrities keep promising to do every time their forces are defeated or face defeat.

If they don’t love America – and it’s beyond obvious that they don’t – they should leave it for their own sakes, instead of staying where they’re miserable just to fulfill some idea of destroying America and turning it into what they picture a nation should look and sound like.

It Don't Take Much Schooling

Posted in Society on May 30th, 2022
It Don't Take Much Schooling To Know This Is Wacked
It Don’t Take Much Schooling To Know This Is Wacked

It don’t take much schooling (bad grammar intended) to know that turning a life-long criminal and putting up statues in his honor is indicative of something being serious wrong with the hearts and minds of the folks who do so and the people who allow them to do it.

Official court documents show that George Floyd, before finally dying in police custody, had been arrested nine times for charges including: four charges of drug possession and distribution, two theft charges, one illegal trespass, one charge of failure to identify to a police officer and one aggravated robbery. And this is what the Blacks and their enablers consider a hero.

As I wrote above, It don’t take much schooling to know this is wrong. More importantly it seems and far more dangerously for our nation’s future, it also probably requires not much of passes for schooling these days.

Now I'm A Believer

Posted in Announcements on May 30th, 2022
Now I'm A Believer
Now I’m A Believer

ROFLMAO Yessiree, Now I’m a believer! Of course, I’m also rather unconcerned and apathetic. After all, I’m not a homosexual; I don’t attend drunken and drug-fueled sex parties; I don’t any more come into contact with African monkeys or those who handle them; and I don’t have sex or close contact with Africans or people who do any longer.

I Identify As…

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on May 29th, 2022
I Identify As...
I Identify As…

Yeah, why not? Being trans-slender makes as much sense and show no less sanity than being transsexual or trans-racial. So, I say to go for it. Science, sanity, and reality be damned; your identity is entirely up to you.

Unity Vs. Division

Posted in Humor, Society on May 28th, 2022
Unity Vs. Division
Unity Vs. Division

It’s extremely ironic – sad, often insane, and a clear a present danger to its adherents and those around them, but still ironic – that the LGBTQIA+ rainbow flag is inherently a symbol of division and segregation. After all, White is color of light that is of all parts of the spectrum in unity and harmony and the rainbow is that light broken apart and kept separate. 😉