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Thunderstruck By 2Cellos

Posted in Music on March 31st, 2014

The Piano Guys have been previously featured here at Reflections From A Murky Pond. Now let me introduce you to 2Cellos.

The Audience Was Thunderstruck

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, the duo known as 2Cellos, left the audience thunderstruck – pun quite intended – with their cover of the 1999 AC/DC hit single.

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Evolution’s Evolution

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on March 31st, 2014

1871 editorial cartoon depicting Charles Darwin as an apeMore and more of late Evolution and Creationism are making the news once again in America. What both amazes and amuses me is that the current crop of arguers seem to think this is a new thing. It isn’t. The only thing that has changed is which side currently has the legal upper hand in the argument over Evolution vs. Creationism.

What’s most amazing to me is that the Evolutionists act like evolution is accepted fact and that it’s only fringe, “extremist” Christians who believe in- or accept the possibility of Creationism.

Much like the fallacy that the Evolution vs. Creationism is new, the belief that in America evolution is accepted fact and that it’s only fringe, “extremist” Christians who are Creationists is a self-serving fantasy of the Evolutionists. In point of replicable, scientific fact, as of 2012: 46% of Americans believe in the Creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years; 32% believe that humans evolved, but with God’s guidance, i.e., Intelligent Design; and only 15% say humans evolved, but that God had no part in the process. These figures have been largely unchanging over the last 30 years of polling.

Gallup Evolution vs. Creationism Poll - 1982-2012Creationism – Intelligent Design – Evolution from 1982 – 2012

As one can see, within America, the Godless view of Evolution is itself something of a non-survival trait and, hence, an evolutionary dead end. 😉

It must also be noted that Evolution wasn’t even close to the de facto science curriculum in American high schools until the beginning parts of the mid-20th century. Indeed, by 1925 a number of states had passed, and more had introduced, laws outlawing the teaching of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and these laws, by and large, weren’t overturned until 1960s. Additionally, since the 1960s and through today, various states have enacted laws, with admittedly mixed results, to bring the teaching of Evolution more in line with the normative viewpoints and beliefs of the American people.

So it’s both amazing and amusing to me the the Evolutionist think this is a new argument and/or that they hold the majority opinion on the matter. If anything, they should be damned glad that they’re allowed to teach it all instead of complaining whenever it sought to teach alternatives to Evolution alongside of it.


NOTE: For the record, my personal views fall in an odd place between Intelligent Design and Evolution. In other words, I am a soul who has a body and I’m not sold on the idea that the God(s) took any more hand in designing that body other than to ensure that it would evolve into a form that could make the soul’s desires tangible, material, and enactable. Then, I believe that all science is theology.

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Ladies First!

Posted in Humor, Society on March 30th, 2014

Gentlemen, we have loose-lipped traitors among us who’ve chosen to publish male mysteries that were best left unsaid. Our secrets have been compromised and posted on the internet for women to see. This cannot be a good thing and reprisals are most definitely in order.

Ladies First - OK, who told?

That being said, I’ve always found the best and most lasting results arise when right behavior and enlightened self-interest intersect. There’s not one the fine ladies depicted below who I wouldn’t cede precedence to and allow to go before me. She would, in all likelihood, enjoy the courtesy and I would certainly enjoy the view.

Ladies First, Always and Forever

So all I can say, Gentlemen, is that we should just carry on as if this whistleblower had never outed us to ladies. Who knows? It may even benefit some of us, since some women who previously disliked such “atavistic” chivalry, believing it part of “patriarchal” behavior, might accept more easily it as a act of appreciation of their bottoms.

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