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Fascist Precursor?

Posted in Politics on February 28th, 2011

Big LaborYou hear the word fascism shouted out by Liberals and Progressives – and the “lamestream” media. It’s mostly used as a tired and dog-eared pejorative against Americans, who stand firmly against the anti-American and often race-based, Leftist ideology promulgated by these sorts.

The ironic part of this is that the Left are the ones supporting a historic Fascist precursor.

What these Leftists either conveniently forget or willfully ignore is the very simple fact that Fascism as a socio-economic model is firmly rooted upon Syndicalism, something that they rampantly and stridently endorse.

While Syndicalism may have started as Anarcho-Syndicalism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was a movement meant to destroy both the corporate structures and the State, this revolutionary movement was defeated and proven untenable. The State proved too necessary and too powerful to be supplanted in developed nations with strong interactions and agreements with other nations.

What rose up to replace Anarcho-Syndicalism was National Syndicalism, which sought to supplant or suborn the State actors while maintaining the original political framework of the nation.

This directly led to the rise of Labor Syndicates as power bases in European countries and the regimes of: Francisco Franco in Spain, Benito Mussolini in Italy, and finally Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Does this mean that the rise of labor unions and their entrenchment in the State always results in Fascism? No; of course not. It has, however, regularly, if not universally, done so in the past. Hence, the Liberals and Progressives are vociferously supporting the precursor behaviors of the very thing – Fascism – that they so often accuse Americans are supporting.

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They Are Corporations

Posted in Politics on February 26th, 2011

Big LaborLeftists such the Liberals and Progressives often whine, bleat, and/or rant about how the corporations are destroying America and how the labor unions are the heroes of the people.

These Leftists, however, either conveniently forget or willfully ignore the very simple fact that politically, legally, and pragmatically labor unions are corporations as well.

Worse in many ways, labor unions are de facto privately held corporations which allows them to circumvent many regulations and form of oversight that burden and control corporations that are publicly traded.

The only significant current difference between a labor union and what are normally thought of as corporations is that labor unions are often legally allowed to compel individuals to purchase their services, i.e., join the union and pay dues to it.

This is a current difference subject to change. In the event that the SCOTUS finds ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate constitutional, the precedence will be set for other compulsory purchases.

Labor Unions even have huge “holding companies,” each with a plethora of business units and wholly owned subsidiaries; the AFL-CIO, UAW, SEIU, and the USW are examples of such.

And yes, all the same laws regarding “hard money” and “soft money” political contributions, Issue Advocacy Ads, and Bundling apply exactly the same to both labor unions and what are normally thought of as corporations. The sole difference being that labor unions can compel their clients, the workers, to contribute to such.

In essence, Americans can agree with the Liberals and Progressives when they say that corporations are destroying America. We just disagree with them on which corporations are doing so.

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Good Spock Or Bad Spock?

Posted in Humor, Society on February 26th, 2011

As I’ve said before, fandom is not limited to guys. There are geek grrls as well and they’re just as likely to take their love of Sci-Fi to extremes as the guy geeks are. Of course the results are often more pleasing.

The original Star Trek series seems especially with the geek grrls of fandom and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock has always had a strong following among them.

Good Spock, Bad Spock
Live Long and Prosper!

The babe in this picture presents us with a choice. Who is better, the classic “good” Spock or the more saturnine “bad” Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series‘ episode #39 “Mirror Mirror“?

This being the Internet and a blog to boot, people must have an opinion on this – so what’s yours?

Who's Better, Good Spock or Bad Spock?

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This is really part of what’s good about science fiction; there’s a little something for everyone in it. 😉

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