It’s About Jobs

Angry BadgerThe ongoing battle in the Badger State between Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker and the public sector union bosses and their paid lackeys in the Democrat party is very much about jobs. It’s about the jobs of those union bosses and nothing else.

Since these “stalwart defenders” of the workers have already agreed to every fiscal concession in Gov. Walker’s bill, it’s certainly not about the state’s employees.

So 14 Democrat Senators in the pay of the unions fled the state of Wisconsin, shutting down the state’s government, and 1000’s of state employees faked illness in order to protest, shutting down necessary public services, so that their union bosses could keep their well-paid, cushy jobs at the taxpayers’ expense.

Having their membership pay 5.8% of their salary toward their pensions and 12.6% of their health-care premiums as Gov. Walker demanded was deemed appropriate “compromises” by the union bosses. Loosing the privilege of collective bargaining on subjects other than wages and having to undergo periodic re-certification to determine if the state’s workers still wanted such a union wasn’t considered acceptable.

Yes; it’s about jobs – the jobs of a few bloated parasites and those of the Democrats that they bought and paid for.

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