Some Good Remains

American society has degenerated to a horrific extent. Community, fraternity, faith, and charity have been deprecated in favor of government largess and coercion. This has brought about the wholesale dissolution of many good and right things that weren’t even part of the equation written by the Statists.

It’s so easy to see only the evil and the darkness.

Some good remains however. Some lights of rightness still flicker in the darkness and depravity. The community in and surrounding Little Chute, Wisconsin seems to be one of them.

That they could come together and give such a gift to a young man who would in most places and by most people be considered “one of the least of these brothers and sisters” shows that there’s still hope.

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A Small Victory In WI

Obama - The Joker as Tyrant of AmericaVictories are to be savored, even small ones like the recent victory of Americans over Obama’s cultists in Wisconsin.

The Hudson School District has been forced to issue an apology for attempting to indoctrinate middle school students into “serving” Obama through the use of a propaganda video that had celebrities pledging to serve Obama.

It’s only a small victory for the American people but it’s a victory nonetheless.

Personally, I don’t think that an apology and a promise that the video will never be used again is enough. Every member of the teaching staff, school administration, and District School board that was involved in approving and airing this disgusting paean to tyranny and servitude to Obama should, at a bare and merciful minimum, lose their jobs.

And yes! Godwin be damned; the mix of the opening Bauhaus-styled Obama imagery and the celebrity pledges of servitude to Obama were very reminiscent of mid-to-late 1930s Germany.

We, the People have never, do not, and never shall serve the President. He, like all elected or appointed politicians and bureaucrats are our servants. They deserve whatever respect their job performance earns them and nothing more.

Anyone that attempts to tell American children otherwise is an enemy of our nation and people and should be treated as such in all ways and without compunction.


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After #Wirecall Failed

After #wirecall failed utterly and Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker defeated the unions’ recall attempts by a larger margin than he won his original election race, the unions have been left shocked and reeling.

Wisconsin's AFL-CIO HQ - Figuring Out What To Do Next
Wisconsin’s Union Leadership Figuring Out What’s Next

Be assured though that their leaders and the politicians that they’ve purchased or coerced are right now in their headquarters figuring out what comes next and what harm they can wreak upon the state of Wisconsin.

Zombie Headshot - Kills every times, though I don't know why since neither zombies nor Liberals have functioning brainsI’d imagine that it’s going to get messy in the Badger State. I’d also imagine that the unions will fall back upon their historically proven methods of dealing with those who don’t toe the line like they were told to do – punitive violence against both persons and property.

It just may, in the near future, look like a new Zombie Apocalypse in Wisconsin.

Fortunately for everyone of good character, Americans have been very well-taught by Hollywood and the Internet how to deal with ghouls and zombies. 😉

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WI Union Thuggery

The union thuggery in Wisconsin is, as was to be expected from these filth, continuing and escalating. They’ve taken the tried and true union approach of moving from protests to intimidation of local businesses, especially businesses who wish to remain neutral and/or uninvolved in the current political chaos in Wisconsin.

The details of the current union thuggery:

Having lost their fight in the legislature, Wisconsin unions are now getting out the steel pipes for those who don’t step lively to their cause. A letter we’ve seen that was sent to businesses in southeastern Wisconsin shows that Big Labor’s latest strategy is to threaten small businesses with boycotts if they don’t publicly declare their support for government union monopoly power.

Dated March 28, 2011, the letter is addressed to “DEAR UNION GROVE AREA BUSINESS OWNER/MANAGER,” in Racine County. And it begins with this warm greeting: “It is unfortunate that you have chosen ‘not’ to support public workers rights in Wisconsin. In recent past weeks you have been offered a sign(s) by a public employee(s) who works in one of the state facilities in the Union Grove area. These signs simply said ‘This Business Supports Workers Rights,’ a simple, subtle and we feel non-controversial statement given the facts at this time.”

We doubt “subtle” is the word a business owner would use to describe this offer he is being told he can’t refuse.

The letter is signed by Jim Parrett, the “Field Rep.” for Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, which is the most powerful union in the AFL-CIO. The letter presents a litany of objections to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s changes to benefits and public union collective bargaining power, describing them as “things that make life working in a 24-7 facility tolerable.”

The missive concludes by noting that, “With that we’d ask that you reconsider taking a sign and stance to support public employees in this community. Failure to do so will leave us no choice but do [sic] a public boycott of your business. And sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”

So even businesses that stay neutral in the political battle are considered the enemy and will be punished. Charming stuff, and especially coming from a union that claims (wrongly) to be losing its constitutional rights. Free speech for others apparently isn’t all that important.

This is normal. The union thugs almost always resort to intimidation and thuggery when balked. Soon, if their demands aren’t met by these businesses, it will go beyond boycotts into services disruptions, vandalism, and violence.

This is the war that the good people of Wisconsin have been forced to fight, and the war that America at large must join in due to the Unions being part of nationwide organizations with deep pockets and lots of ground troops.

Just to be very, very clear, Mr. Jim Parrett, the “Field Rep.” for Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and any of his kith and kin who profit from his actions are valid and primary targets for any and all proactive defense actions or reprisals that any American might wish to undertake. The same is true of his counterparts in other areas of Wisconsin:

Primary Targets For Reprisals

The AFSCME Council 24 Field Reps
(Enlarge for Details)

What measures must be taken to protect the people of Wisconsin from these thugs and what reprisal should be be meted out to them I am forced to leave to the individual consciences of individuals. I’m not there and I don’t have enough operational intelligence in the theater to be able to determine what level of response is needed to these vermin’s actions.

I would hope that this conflict can be resolved without significant violence. If individual with boots on the ground determine this not to be the case, please remember that America is a nations of laws.

If violence or other illegal methods must be used against these filth, turn yourselves in to the law after the operation is completed and give the law and the courts their due.

Yes, if you’re not willing to “martyr” yourself for your cause, limit your actions to those you’re actually willing to pay for.

I can say, however, that these 12 individuals should be the primary targets of any efforts and operations. They’re the organizers in the field; if they’re stopped, the unions’ organized aggression is stopped along with them.

Make it personal. Make it as painful as it is felt to be needed to be. Just make sure that they know that they’re “touchable” and that all the union dollars and political power in the world can’t protect them from the anger of the American people.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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It’s About Jobs

Angry BadgerThe ongoing battle in the Badger State between Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker and the public sector union bosses and their paid lackeys in the Democrat party is very much about jobs. It’s about the jobs of those union bosses and nothing else.

Since these “stalwart defenders” of the workers have already agreed to every fiscal concession in Gov. Walker’s bill, it’s certainly not about the state’s employees.

So 14 Democrat Senators in the pay of the unions fled the state of Wisconsin, shutting down the state’s government, and 1000’s of state employees faked illness in order to protest, shutting down necessary public services, so that their union bosses could keep their well-paid, cushy jobs at the taxpayers’ expense.

Having their membership pay 5.8% of their salary toward their pensions and 12.6% of their health-care premiums as Gov. Walker demanded was deemed appropriate “compromises” by the union bosses. Loosing the privilege of collective bargaining on subjects other than wages and having to undergo periodic re-certification to determine if the state’s workers still wanted such a union wasn’t considered acceptable.

Yes; it’s about jobs – the jobs of a few bloated parasites and those of the Democrats that they bought and paid for.

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