After #Wirecall Failed

After #wirecall failed utterly and Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker defeated the unions’ recall attempts by a larger margin than he won his original election race, the unions have been left shocked and reeling.

Wisconsin's AFL-CIO HQ - Figuring Out What To Do Next
Wisconsin’s Union Leadership Figuring Out What’s Next

Be assured though that their leaders and the politicians that they’ve purchased or coerced are right now in their headquarters figuring out what comes next and what harm they can wreak upon the state of Wisconsin.

Zombie Headshot - Kills every times, though I don't know why since neither zombies nor Liberals have functioning brainsI’d imagine that it’s going to get messy in the Badger State. I’d also imagine that the unions will fall back upon their historically proven methods of dealing with those who don’t toe the line like they were told to do – punitive violence against both persons and property.

It just may, in the near future, look like a new Zombie Apocalypse in Wisconsin.

Fortunately for everyone of good character, Americans have been very well-taught by Hollywood and the Internet how to deal with ghouls and zombies. 😉

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