Three Dead Vermin

The Obama Regime has decided to not provide photographic or video evidence of Osama bin Laden’s extermination. They’ve stated a plethora of reasons for this and more pragmatic ones – read as election-based realpolitik – can be inferred from the current political situation.

Be that as it may, members of the Pakistani “security forces” got photos of the kill zone shortly after DEVGRU un-assed the area of operations. They promptly sold them to Reuters.

Trash – Three Bags Full

Thus we have some visual evidence of what form Osama bin Laden’s extermination took, and that only due to the by now all too expected graft and corruption of ISI personnel.

It’s not completely satisfying but it as close as were likely to get. Oh well, half a pie – or even a narrow slice – is better than none at all.

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11 Responses to “Three Dead Vermin”

  1. Charles Sifers Says:

    I have to say that I fully support the decision by BO to not show the pics or video. One of the biggest criticisms that the US gets is that it is not sensitive to the Muslim world, and this is always used as a justification for Islamic terrorism.

    This way takes that away from the animals who would use it, and the useful idiots in our own country that would scream it to the media.

    We sent the message that we needed to send, and eliminated a thorn in the psyche of our nation.

    It’s time for us to be adults and realize that we win the big picture here. Now, it’s up to those on the Right who want to continue to attack Obama over this to realize that as Americans, we need to actually come together in some form of unity.

    Otherwise, there is little or no hope that we really do exist as a nation, and our dissolution is all but assured.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Given that those vermin who hates us will hate us anyway and seek to do us harm as they can, I can’t see where any further “harm” could be done by dissemination the photos, Charles.

    Frankly, the only valid – read as logical – reason for Obama refusing to release the photos is to create a “deather” controversy in order to be able to politically dismiss large swaths of the American people and embolden his own weakened base in the run-up to the 2012 elections.

    BTW: Why is it that the Right has to shift their positions? I think it’s time for Obama and his Liberals to come back into the fold of America. If there are “compromises” to be made, it is the Left who must make them.

  3. Paradigm Says:

    I think Bin Laden should have been put on trial. Killing him as well as showing graphic pictures lowers the debate to the gut level which can only favor anti-intellectuals in the long run. We should counter barbary with civilization, not with our own brand of barbary.

    That said, I don’t know what went down in this case. Maybe the SEALs were under threat and had to kill him or abort the mission, in which case I believe they did the right thing since that would have to be construed as a warlike situation.

  4. jonolan Says:


    I can see no reason to bring something like Osama to trial; it would serve nor purpose to do so and would seriously harm the international legal system for a variety of reasons.

    As for bringing it down to the gut level and barbarity – so what? I disagree with you on the hypothesis that civility counters barbarism. When what you’re fighting understands and respects nothing by naked force, such force is the only alternative.

    Frankly, these so-called intellectuals aren’t equipped to understand creatures like Osama and have time and time again failed to stop it and its sort of vermin.

  5. Paradigm Says:

    How could it harm the legal system to bring a criminal to justice rather than to just shoot him?

    As for gut level, the problem with fighting barbary with barbary is that many people in the West aren’t that sophisticated. They can easily turn to fascist parties when the public debate seems to give support to their way of thinking. One day a clever demagogue will use words and imagery like this against you. What ever you will say then won’t matter – if he is better than you at creating a gut reaction your arguments become useless. It’s not about educating Muslims, they are a lost cause. It’s about how people here will respond to anti-intellectualism and what that will do to the West.

  6. jonolan Says:

    How could it harm the legal system? Here’s a few ways:

    1 – What charges? Despite all the evil of Osama, what did he actually do that could be proven besides preach violence?

    2 – Jurisdictionality? The US isn’t signatory to the ICC and how could we (US) try him when he isn’t a US resident and never set foot in the US during the commission of whatever acts he was party to?

    3 – Evidence? How many rules of evidence would we have to throw out in order to get a legal conviction?

    No thank you, Paradigm. I’ll take acute extra-judicial action over suborning the courts with the precedents that sets every day of the week.

    As for the rest – I see more chance of what you fear from the intellectuals than from the people. A reasoned path to totalitarianism is more likely in the modern world and harder to late remove than the “howling demagogue” and his followers.

    The nanny / welfare state is just a water empire by another name and much harder to be rid of than anything brought about through “gut level” responses.

  7. Paradigm Says:

    There is plenty of evidence. He is the leader of the organisation responsible for 9/11, and he is on camera saying he ordered the attack. I’m sure people have been convicted for murder with less evidence than that.

    As for jurisdiction, is there anything stopping ICC from putting someone on trial for a crime committed in the US?

    The nanny states in Europe are being dismantled very quickly with ordinary election. But how to remove the fascist Putin? Fascism can usually only be removed with force. USA could easily end up in a similar situation. There are already surprisingly many Americans who believe that Obama may be the devil. Isn’t that a sign that the gut level debating has undermined people’s critical thinking?

  8. Dan Says:

    Don’t be a dick Jonolan.

    your blog title and picture captioning are abhorrent and you wonder why people hate your country?

    Talk about fascism, the USA is the most fascistic country in the world, hatred for your country spouts from your domineering control of a vast percentage of the worlds resources, or a small percentage of your populaces control! It is not a result of Islam, although fundamental Islam and Christianity are both used to push an extreme agenda.

    Bin Laden killed more innocent Muslims than he did Americans, and then he was killed unarmed by your heroic navy seals, he could easily have been put on trial. One reason he wasn’t is because it would be an embarrassment for the Oligarchy of the USA. Not that your media would report it.

    Wanna see Osama dead, go on a diving holiday in the Indian Ocean and eat a fucking cheese burger.

    With love from one of the 51st states.

  9. jonolan Says:

    How cute. It’s almost as if you think your opinion mattered.

  10. Alan Scott Says:

    The left wing press could not wait to get Americans killed by publishing the Abu Greb pictures. Wait Bush was President. Now they are concerned that a dead Bin Laden picture matters ? They support the President’s decision.

    Dan, if not for this country you hate, a dozen ideologies would right now prevent you from posting your nonsense.

  11. jonolan Says:


    A large part of why certain sorts hate America is exactly that; without us they would have failed and fallen long ago. That galls them no end.

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