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Reciprocal Giving?

Posted in Philosophy on September 27th, 2007

Eric Brown has posited on his blog, WeirdGuy that the Principle of Reciprocity applies to the act of giving. While this is a wonderful idea, I believe it falls into the realms of fantasy instead of fact.  I do not concur with his assessment that “giving is infectious“.

Altruism has its place and that place is good in that it serves the Good. It does not engender similar behavior in the beneficiaries of such kindness. Many people do not even recognize that they have been given a gift; they take the gift as their due – fair recompense for some past act of theirs. Others live under the delusion of Entitlement – the self-serving surety that they deserve such gifts because of some accident of birth or upbringing.

Updated Codebase

Posted in Announcements on September 27th, 2007

Reflections From a Murky Pond has been updated to use the new WordPress 2.3 codebase. I’ve also updated all the plugins used by the site to the current supported versions. If you notice any problems or changes in the blog’s behavior please leave a comment describing the issue.