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Posted in Announcements, Humor on December 31st, 2020

Jumanji! Jumanji! Jumanji!


Jumanji! Jumanji! Jumanji!

Sigh, Galleries Are Broken

Posted in Announcements on December 19th, 2020

Unfortunately, the latest platform update – a necessary one for security reasons – broke the gallery and album plugin that I’m using. Galleries will not be fully functional until the plugin is updated and the albums, e.g., Retro Pinups, are completely fuckata. 🙁

For now, images from the galleries can be best displayed by Right-Clicking on the thumbnails and choosing Open Link in New Tab.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Posted in Announcements on November 15th, 2020
Hip Hip Hooray! Some Are Celebrating A Biden-Harris Regime

Despite the rejection and dejection of approximately half of the US population, there are some who are celebrating President Trump’s loss and the installation of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden as POTUS, with Kamala Harris as his VP.

Domestically, #Antifa and to a lesser extent #BlackLivesMatter – Biden is a White, and I doubt they trust Harris – are cheering. They know that this marks the end of any federal level curtailment of their riots and insurrections and the re-instigation of federal “scrutiny” of local law enforcement.

On the global front, China and Iran are likely celebrating Biden’s upcoming presidency. Biden is both weak-minded and a devotee of a timid application of the old status quo of foreign policy. This will allow China to grow in power and influence. And Iran most likely looks forward to both a more conciliatory US stance towards them as well as a weakening, if not outright curtailing, of the Abraham Accords.

So, while Americans find the situation sad, our enemies, both foreign and domestic are shouting “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Bikini Interlude 47

Posted in Announcements on November 15th, 2020

Bikini Interlude – Wildkinis

Yes; I will make no bones about it. I am this old. I grew up watching the television releases of the “Beach Party” movies featuring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, including what is officially the 6th of 7 movies in the series, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. However, being that last to feature Ms. Funicello and Mr. Avalon, I consider it the swan song of the series.

Still, those halcyon days may be long over, but Wildkinis are still around and still well-stuffed; so there’s that going for us all.


Posted in Announcements on September 28th, 2020

While it seems unlikely that the House Democrats will drag out their over-used and worthless impeachment proceedings against President Trump for doing his duty and nominating a replacement for the late and unlamentedby Americans at least – the damage has already been done. Pelosi and her ilk have, with their hate– and madness-fueled obsession with impeaching our President, have already done incalculable harm to our democracy.

But, rather than waxing vitriolic, I’ll just quote from The Portly Politico, who stated the problem as well or better than I would have.

The Democrats already cheapened impeachment with their bogus “Ukraine collusion” story. Technically, yes, the House can impeach a president at any time if they have the votes to do so. The prudence and dispassion of a prior age would normally have prevented such a drastic measure except in the most dire of constitutional circumstances—in other words, if the president actually abused his authority and the constitutional limits placed upon it.

Now, however, the Democrats have cheapened the impeachment process to such an extent that it’s nearly the equivalent of voting to name a federal post office after some uncontroversial small town hero or legendary civil rights figure: it’s just another day at the office.

If Speaker Pelosi and her ilk push through an impeachment against President Trump for fulfilling his constitutional duty and power to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court, the very act of impeachment will have lost all meaning. If President Trump were wantonly selling the Supreme Court seat to the highest bidder, then, by all means — impeach away! But he clearly isn’t.

— The Portly Politico

Truly though, go to the Portly Politico and read his whole article. It’s more than worth what time and effort doing so will cost.