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The Bene Gesserit

Posted in Announcements on March 23rd, 2024
The Bene Gesserit
The Bene Gesserit

Yep. The Bene Gesserit as if they were a 21st Century company offering a suite of interlocking services and products – and Product As A Service. 😉

Bikini Interlude 87

Posted in Announcements on March 4th, 2024

Bikini Interlude – Goan Beaches Edition

As usual, there’s next to no real point in this interlude. However, it is a beautiful chance to showcase the pleasures that can be had at any of the many beaches of Goa in India.

It's About Protest Season

Posted in Announcements on February 26th, 2024
It's About Protest Season - Better Get The Chains On
It’s About Protest Season – Better Get The Chains On

Remember, Gentlemen, the weather is warming up; so, it’s just about protest season. Better get chains like these on your tires in order to deal with our domestic enemies when they get in your way by illegally blocking our roadways with their “civil disruptions” and “direct actions.”

And, I fairly sure that American car washes will either comp you or give you a big discount on getting your ride clean of their blood and viscera. 😉


If you can’t tell – and I’m fairly sure there are a bunch of Dems and likely Dems that can’t – the above was sarcasm. I would never, ever suggest, advocate, or imply that Americans should mount this sort of anti-protest tire chains and run any of the vermin violently and illegally clogging our roadway in support of any of the anti-American groups or individuals out there, e.g., Hamas, #BlackLivesMatter, and/or various Trannies and Queers. It would tear up the roads and that’s both wrong and counterproductive!

Saturnalia Today

Posted in Announcements on December 26th, 2023

Saturnalia Today – Boxing Day

So, once again we have the opportunity to celebrate what is left of Saturnalia. By that I, of course, mean the Victorian affectation of Boxing Day, which is the last vestige of Rome’s mid-Winter festival. 😉

A Democrat Christmas Wish

Posted in Announcements on December 24th, 2023
A Democrat Christmas Wish - A Build Back Better Christmas
A Democrat Christmas Wish

The Christmas the Democrats, under Biden and Co., have forced upon Americans and the Christmas I wish upon them and their kin.

May their days be few. May creditors seize their entire estate, and strangers take all they have earned. Let no one be kind to them; let no one pity their fatherless children. May all their offspring die. May their family names be blotted out in the next generation.