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Posted in Society on June 28th, 2023

Race-Baiting is, even at its best, annoying. But I’ve discovered something even more so in my opinion – Race-Clickbaiting. The particular case in point is the headline for an article from Everyday Chirp that showed up in my Microsoft Start page in Edge:

Earrings Ignite Racial Tensions: Woman Told Coworker She Can’t Get Earrings Like Her Because She’s White

Seems all-too-typical and definitely the sort of headline to grab one’s attention because White women are subject to attacks, primarily from non-White females over matters of hairstyle, clothing and accessories related “cultural appropriation.” As a White man who’s somewhat protective of our women – perhaps more so than they deserve these days – it sucked me right in.

But it was just race-clickbaiting. The non-White woman (Amerindian) didn’t tell her White coworker that she couldn’t get earrings like that because she was White. She just tried to put the woman off because the Amerindian tribeswomen who made them don’t sell their work outside the tribe!

Yeah, a whole different thing.

Also, especially in these times, it’s a dangerous practice. I went a read the article; many wouldn’t have done so. But that headline would be in the back of their minds – one more log on the fire, one more nail in the non-Whites’ coffin.

It’s A Trap!

Posted in Announcements on June 24th, 2023
It's A Trap!
It’s A Trap!

Admiral Akbar was wiser than even Lucas gave him credit for. 😆 Yeah, “She” looks like a fine, American woman, but the Bud Lite is dead giveaway. He’s got a surprise package waiting for some unsuspecting guy.

So, Gentlemen, be wary. There’s a lot of traps out there. Always check their beer choice first.

The Gender Continuum

Posted in Politics, Society on June 24th, 2023
The Gender Continuum
The Gender Continuum Explained

This is the Gender Continuum explained using commonly heralded as Progressive, Equitable imagery. There are two genders – male and female. Anything else is a trauma reaction, a mental disorder, or a very, very, very rare – but still real and horrific in most cases – genetic abnormality.

The Wellingtons

Posted in Food & Drink, Humor on June 23rd, 2023
The Wellingtons
The Wellingtons

ROFLMAO The Wellingtons, like so many ancient and illustrious families, have fallen far from what they were due to diversifying their bloodlines. 😉

And, As Harry Can Attest…

And yes, that lofty Wellington line, again like others, has spread itself even thinner and wider than the original image admits to. 😆 But hey! If Harry wants to stick his banger in Meghan’s meat pie, that’s a fine thing for them.

Elementary Schools Today

Posted in Society on June 22nd, 2023
Elementary Schools Today - Predators Claiming Protector As Identity
Elementary Schools Today
Predators Claiming Prey As Identity

Honestly, this is pretty close to where far too many of our schools are now, and where the sorts who vote for Democrats want them all to be in the near future. We’ve already got many sexual predators masquerading as activists in our schools grooming our children to be bait for the LGBTQ+ groups.

This is literally state-sponsors child abuse and pedophilia. And, Folks, we need to treat is a such and treat those doing it or allowing it to be done as predators and dangers to our children.