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Teaching Dems To Fish

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on September 28th, 2022
Teaching Dems To Fish
Teaching Dems To Fish

As much as I love fishing and think most people should take up the lifestyle, teaching Dems to fish is, like most things we allow Dems to do, is probably both a bad idea and the national and cultural equivalent of self-harm.

Deer For Hunters

Posted in 2022 Elections, 2024 Elections, Politics on September 27th, 2022
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrat
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrats

Funny, but true. Or, perhaps, funny because it’s true. Working people, especially Whites, supporting Democrats is a lot like deer supporting hunters.

Mind, Body, Soul

Posted in Books & Reading, Humor on September 27th, 2022
Book Yoga - Mind, Body, Soul
Book Yoga – Mind, Body, Soul

Ah, yoga. It’s always been about centering and calming the mind, body, and soul. And, with a few variations, even works in these days. 😆 So, light up that Old Book Smell candle and be well.

I'm A National Conservative

Posted in Politics, Society on September 26th, 2022
National Conservative
I’m A National Conservative. Why Aren’t You?

Yes, though I carry no card and am not registered as a member of that party – I don’t think there is even one – I am, in the ways that most matter, a National Conservative. My quite serious question to everyone in every nation is why aren’t you one too?

National Conservatism Is…

National Conservatism is a culturally focus variant of conservatism that prioritizes upholding one’s national and cultural identity. National conservatives usually combine nationalism with conservative stances promoting traditional cultural values, opposition to immigration, and family values.


It seems to me that, if a person loves their country – which doesn’t necessarily mean they even tolerate their government – their own people, and their culture, they want to preserve them and protect them from dissolution. Hence, National Conservatism seems like something that should be normal.

And, if you don’t love and want to protect and continue your people, culture, and nation, why do you keep living there and among them?

Fall In Florida

Posted in Humor on September 25th, 2022
Fall In Florida
Fall In Florida

Yessiree! As a born and raised Floridian – now a long-term expat living amongst Bluebellies – a can, will, and do attest and affirm that this is the strongest sign of Fall in Florida. 😆