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Still The Jihadis Jabber

Posted in Politics, Religion on May 31st, 2010

Rage Boy - A Devout Pakistani Muslim Behaving The Only Way It Knows HowOnce again the jihadi vermin are polluting the air with their jabbering rants. This time it’s an alliance of Muslim terrorist organizations are trying to get the UN, already horribly infected by Muslims, to enact a global law against blasphemy of prophets and awarding the death penalty to violators.

Mankind should, given the degenerate nature of the UN, take such Islamist threats seriously.

From Yahoo News:

Demanding a permanent ban on Facebook, over two dozen Pakistani religious groups working under the umbrella of the JuD have decided to contact the UN for enacting a global law “against blasphemy of prophets and awarding death penalty to violators.”

The decision to contact the UN and envoys from Muslims and non-Muslim states was made at a meeting of clerics belonging to the JuD, Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, Tanzeem-e-Islami, Markaz-e-Ahlesunnat, Muslim Conference, Jamat-e-Ahlehadis, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Pakistan Ulema Council and International Katham-e-Nabuwat.

The meeting, held yesterday at the JuD’s headquarters Markaz Alqaadsia in Chawburji, was presided over by JuD chief Hafiz Mohd Saeed.

“The ambassadors of Muslim and non-Muslim states will be told that blasphemy against prophets not only hurts the feelings of one religion but also sows a seed of hatred against the people of other religions,” the meeting observed.

The UN and envoys will be asked to support the enactment of an international law against blasphemy and the move to award the death penalty to violators, the meeting decided.

“Leaders of the ruling as well as of the opposition parties will also be called for their support,” the meeting decided.

Speaking on the occasion, Saeed asked the Muslim world to unite, introduce its own currency and develop a joint defense system.

The Muslim world should also spend the income from oil and other resources on the defense of Muslims, he said.

“It is shameful that our rulers and opposition are not playing their due role to register the protest of the nation with the US and other countries over the posting of blasphemous cartoons on (Facebook),” Saeed said and demanded a permanent ban on Facebook.

His comments follow Pakistan’s recent move to cut off access to social networking website Facebook till May 31 over a page featuring blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

“All Muslim countries should put pressure on the UN to pass a law with death penalty for those committing blasphemy,” Saeed said.

He asked Muslims to boycott the products of those countries where blasphemous cartoons were published.

The meeting also decided to hold a public meeting in Islamabad against profane caricatures. Top leaders of almost all religious and religio-political parties will address this meeting.

There was also consensus that the groups should continue to hold public meetings and seminars and use other means to mobilize the people against “profanity.”

Take such attempts to destroy freedom in the foul name of fostering the abomination of the Muslims’ Caliphate seriously because these subhuman jihadi vermin certainly do so. They will use any means that are allowed to them to enslave the world to the worship of their false god and their disgusting pedophile prophet, Muhammad.

Members Of The Religion Of Peace - Islam
Ragheaded Muslim Vermin Protesting Freedom Of Speech

These misborn animals will continue to try to get the UN to pass laws protecting their cult and sensibilities of those creatures infected by it. If and when those attempts fail, as they fortunately have so far, these poorly crafted mockeries of human form will, as they always do, resort to violence and terrorism.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of the Islamist Terrorist group, Jama'at-ud-Da'wah (JuD)This sad but unalterable truth is made clear by the fact that these Islamist groups have banded together under the umbrella of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD), led by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.

Unlike the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the US, Jama’at-ud-Da’wah isn’t just a front group and money laundering operation for Muslim terrorist groups; Jama’at-ud-Da’wah is itself a terrorist organization. It is simply a renamed Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) which has committed repeated acts of terrorism across Asia for years.

So remember that when their sort issue their various mouthings about “mobilizing” Muslims they do not mean the same thing as people do when they use that word. Things like Saeed do not mobilize people for peaceful purposes; they mobilize armed nests of Muslims for the purposes spreading Islam and Shari’a by means of rape, murder, mutilation, and any other barbaric act that their cult finds pleasing.

True Then, True Now

Posted in Books & Reading, Society on May 30th, 2010

In January of 1945, during the final months of WW2, the already renowned science fiction author Robert Heinlein wrote a letter to one of science fiction’s greatest fans, Forrest Ackerman who many consider the founder of science fiction fandom. In the missive Mr. Heinlein offered his sincere and heart-felt condolences over Mr. Ackerman’s brother, Alden’s death during the Battle of the Bulge on New Year’s Day 1945 while he serving in the 11th Armor Division, 42nd Tank Battalion, D Company as the battalion was fighting its way to Bastogne to relieve the 101st Airborne.

Alden Ackerman was 21 years old at the time of of his death from a German air strike on the battalion which was securing Rechrival, Belgium.

Robert Heinlein did more than offer his condolences though. He also launched a blistering and cruelly accurate attack on the bulk of science fiction fandom of the time. Heinlein passionately condemned the inaction of most fans and, not without cause, blamed these fans for the death of Forrest’s brother, Alden.

The transcript and scan of Heinlein’s letter is from Letters of Note.

311 S. Hicks St.
Philadelphia 2, Pa.
28 Jan 1945

Dear Forry,

Our hearts are sore at your loss and there is nothing we can say to relieve your personal anguish. Your brother died a noble and heroic death. It is my belief that he did in fact die to make a better world; it is for us who live on to see to it that a better world is accomplished. I am heartened that you regard it as your duty to follow through on his unfinished work.

I will not be able to supply an article for the fan publication you propose to publish in his memory. I dislike to have to tell you that I will not be writing for you, under the circumstances, and I feel that you are entitled to a full explanation. Forry, every day I am writing things which are, literally, dedicated to Alden, and to the many, many others who have died and are dying. My daily writings are dedicated to getting the war won quicker with the fewest number of deaths of our own. My writings are laboratory instructions, engineering reports, letters to manufacturers, and other things having to do with the tedious work of scientific research for war. It takes up all of my energy and all of my imagination and I have none left over for other matters. If I had any energy left over, I would know that I was not doing all that I could do and I would then, in truth, be disloyal to your brother’s memory.

(I have, not a belief, not a conviction, but a knowledge of personal survival. You said on your post card that you wanted to discuss the matter with us someday. We will be honored to do so.)

Forry, you have sought my advice on matters which worried you in the past. You have not sought my advice in this matter, but I am going to presume on our old friendship to offer you some. I know that you are solemn in your intention to see to it that Alden’s sacrifice does not become meaningless. I am unable to believe that fan activity and fan publications can have anything to do with such intent. I have read the fan publications you have sent me and, with rare exceptions, I find myself utterly disgusted with the way the active fans have met the trial of this war. By the fan mags I learn that many of these persons, who are readily self-congratulatory on their superiority to ordinary people—so many, many of these “fans” have done nothing whatsoever to help out. Many of them are neither in the army nor in war work. Many have found this a golden opportunity to make money during a war boom—by writing, by commercial photography, through the movies, or by other worthless activities—worthless when compared with what your brother Alden was doing. These bastards let your brother die, Forry, and did not lift a hand to help him. I mean that literally. The war in Europe would have been over if all the slackers in this country had been trying to help out—would have been over before the date on which your brother died. The slackers are collectively and individually personally responsible for the death of Alden. And a large percent of fans are among those slackers. Alden’s blood is on their hands.

As for persons who are guilty not merely by sins of omission but who actively threw their weight against us, like that traitorous little bastard Jocquel, I have no words to describe them. It is a bitter thing that he should be alive while your brother is dead. It would be well for him to stay out of my sight when this is over. As for any of them, unless they have fought this war in every way they could to the best of their ability, I will not meet with them socially when this is over. I will not shake hands, speak, sit down, nor eat with them.

I am not alone in this opinion. You will find that my opinion is shared by Carnell and by Franklyn Brady. You will find it shared by many others of the grown-ups who know that a war is going on and know that it is not a game nor a joke nor a piece of fiction but a tragic business in which men like your brother Alden meet their deaths, too young and too horribly.

Forry, I want you to dedicate yourself to Alden’s memory. To be faithful to him we now have two jobs to do. The first is to win this war as quickly as possible. You can do that by volunteering for something more useful than you are now doing. General Lear has said that he needs thousands of limited-duty clerks and such behind the lines in Europe to release able-bodied men for action. Or, perhaps, a re-examination will find you no longer limited in duty. In either case a Wac can edit your camp paper. The second job is, now and after the war, to see to it that it shall not happen again. There are many ways to do that and each must select his own—political activity of every sort, writing intended to stir people up, the willingness to combat race hatred, discrimination, limitations of civil liberty, generalized hates of every sort, whenever and wherever they show up. But I am damn well sure that fan activity is not the way to serve Alden’s memory. Fandom has had a chance to prove itself and it has failed. I find the mags crowded with escapism and other nonsense; I find that fans now call themselves “Slans” (God save us!) on many occasions. I find many other evidences of group paranoia and of psychotic infantilism—and unwillingness to face up to adult problems and to cope with them. Forry, you may write the most inspiring things for a better world possible; if you direct them to this group, they will be worthless in carrying on with Alden’s unfinished work, for they will fall on sterile ground. I am not generalizing; there are a few adults among them and there was a fair percentage before the war. I do not indict any who are carrying their load. But there are many (and you know that I am right) who are doing nothing and did nothing to save your brother’s life. A bunch of neurotic, selfish, childish, insensitive and unimaginative, vicious bunch of jerks! It is time you quit associating with them and tackled the problems of the real world.

We are very fond of you, Forry. You are a fine and gentle soul. This is a very difficult letter to write; if I did not think you were worth it, I would not make the effort. This letter is for your eyes only; the ideas in it you are free to use but the letter is for you only.

I am very sorry your brother was killed; You may be sure that Leslyn and I will be faithful to his memory with all our strength.


(Signed, ‘Bob’)

What was true in the 1940s is just true today and Robert Heinlein would likely be no fonder of many within science fiction fandom today than he was of many of those during WW2. “A bunch of neurotic, selfish, childish, insensitive and unimaginative, vicious bunch of jerks,” who are afflicted with an odd and pernicious sort of , “group paranoia and of psychotic infantilism—and unwillingness to face up to adult problems and to cope with them,” still aptly, if unflatteringly and uncharitably, describes a solid majority of fandom today.

I’m not talking about the larger body of fans of science fiction, but rather the active members of “fandom.”

I’m not sure if I can properly describe and define that distinction because I have long been involved with the science fiction and fantasy scene and am, to some extent, effected by the same affliction and attitudes of the rest of them. Suggesting that you review the movies, Trekkies and Galaxy Quest, is the best that I can offer.

This is not to say that there are not good Americans and true within fandom’s ranks, for that would be a rank falsehood. It is just that such men and women are in the minority, just as they were when Heinlein wrote this letter to Ackerman.

This is truly a sad and bitter fact. Fandom had much to offer America but has failed to do so many, many times since its members, when not actually adhering to the philosophies of our enemies, hold themselves aloof as if they were too good to soil their hands with honest work in service to the nation that provides them with the freedom to pursue their pleasures.

Obama Attacks Arizona

Posted in Politics on May 29th, 2010

Friday, May 29, 2010 President Obama demanded that the Us Supreme Court review and set aside an Arizona illegal immigration law. His federal regime thinks that it is inappropriate for the individual states to have such laws.

Obama’s administration, in a brief submitted by Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, said federal law should preempt state efforts.

From the Washington Post:

The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to review and set aside an Arizona law that sanctions employers who hire illegal immigrants, saying it would disrupt the “careful balance” that Congress struck in federal immigration law.

The act in question is not the strict new Arizona law that President Obama and other members of his administration have criticized. That measure authorizes police to question the immigration status anyone who appears to be in the country illegally.

The law being challenged, the Legal Arizona Workers Act, imposes tougher sanctions than federal law for hiring illegal workers. If the court chooses to hear the case, its ruling could show how receptive the justices would be to arguments that enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility that cannot be usurped by the states.

It’s somewhat interesting that Obama has chosen to attack the State of Arizona over this particular law, Legal Arizona Workers Act which was enacted in 2008, rather than over the other, more recent anti-illegal immigration laws that Arizona, in the wake of continued willful failure by the federal government to protect and defend America’s borders, has been forced to enact.

One is forced to conclude that Obama, ever a fan of any nation except America, is bowing before the will of Mexico’s Felipe Calderon, whose failed government has a vested interest in keeping these illegal immigrants employed within America. Obama’s timing is especially suspicious since it comes so soon after Calderon instructed Obama on how to use America’s National Guard along the Mexican border.

What’s worse for America though is the disturbing trend being shown by Obama’s regime. President Obama has a very dangerous attitude towards the law, especially the intersection of federal and state laws. Currently he is jabbering that Arizona’s law should not “usurp” federal authority because it stricter than federal law – which Obama refuses to enforce in the first place. In the recent past, however, he has refused to exert federal authority when a state’s – California in this case – laws were looser and in direct contravention of federal law.

Essentially, President Obama’s philosophy seems to be that, if he likes a federal law, he will use whatever means he can dream up to prevent the State’s from having sterner and more effective laws. Conversely, if he doesn’t like a law, he will bend over backwards not to exert federal authority to enforce it even if a state passes laws that directly conflict with- and attempt to nullify it.

This is a philosophy that is inherently dangerous and is an existential threat to America as a Constitutional Republic. Anyone who adheres to such a philosophy is an enemy of America and has no rightful business being allowed to survive within America’s borders much less fill, and thereby foul, the position of President of the United States.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.  😉

A Simple Reminder

Posted in Society on May 29th, 2010

A simple, but not particularly gentle, reminder to the civilian people either of or within America – every freedom you enjoy came at a cost of blood, sweat, and tears. The brunt of that price was paid for our soldiery who put themselves in harm’s way in order to provide those freedoms.

It Is The Soldier Who Gives Us Liberty, Bought With His Blood

These fallen soldiers are long past review, and I sincerely doubt that our dead care overmuch about our opinions of their lives; they’re now past our flawed judgments. But we should certainly care about what their judgment of us and how we’ve used the freedoms they bought for with their privation, pain, and deaths would be.

Official US Military Totals: 1775 – 1991

U.S. Military Service During War 43,185,893
Battle Deaths 653,708
Other Deaths (In Theater) 14,560
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 525,930
Source: History News Network
NOTE: I don’t have any official US military data on this post 1991, so the later operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are not included above.

Yes, a simple reminder on this Memorial Day weekend – America is the Land of the Free because of the Brave. Every single freedom we have was bought with their blood and what have so many within the US done with those hard-earned freedoms?

Excuse Me, Felipe?

Posted in Politics on May 26th, 2010

Felipe Calderon, Failed President of the Failed Nation of MexicoApparently Felipe Calderon, the largely ineffectual President of the failed state of Mexico is feeling his machismo in the wake of the accommodating response by President Obama and the Congressional Democrats to his recent jabbering rant in DC about Arizona’s new immigration laws.

Like so many Mexicans he seems to believe that the United States is Atzlan’s La Provincia del Norte.

The Mexican Embassy to the United States has released A statement of their demands and expectations for the use of our National Guard soldiery within our borders:

Washington D.C, May 25th, 2010

Regarding the Administration’s decision to send 1,200 National Guard servicemen to the US Southern border, the Government of Mexico trusts that this decision will help to channel additional US resources to enhance efforts to prevent the illegal flows of weapons and bulk cash into Mexico, which provide organized crime with its firepower and its ability to corrupt.

Additionally, the Government of Mexico expects that National Guard personnel will strengthen US operations in the fight against transnational organized crime that operates on both sides of our common border and that it will not, in accordance to its legal obligations, conduct activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws.

Mexico is determined to continue working on its side of the border to enhance the security and well-being of border communities, and to deter and dismantle organized crime and its links to drug trafficking and human smuggling.

As part of our joint strategy in the fight against transnational organized crime, there are actions that our two governments have undertaken together, and there are other measures taken independently by Mexico and by the US within their respective territories. In this regard, the Mexican Government fully respects the sovereign decisions of the US Government, but underscores that joint responsibility must continue to underpin our joint efforts in rolling-back transnational organized crime operating on both sides of the border.

Firstly – it is rarely, if ever, a good idea for the government of one nation to attempt to dictate to another sovereign state how they will deploy and use their own troops within in their own borders to secure that border. This is especially true of any attempt to dictate such terms to a nation that can, at whim or will, raze your country to the ground and has certain empirical reasons for doing so already.

Secondly – The Mexican government has already failed. The cartels control more of the country than the government does and are filled with members of the Mexican army who decided that outright banditry and the drug trade were more profitable than the normal graft and corruption commonplace in Mexico. The Mexican government’s only hope of survival is US intervention. It’s just plain stupid to piss off the people who you need to save your filthy asses.

Third and finally – Felipe’s head is swelling up too big for his sombrero if he think he has right or privilege to speak to his betters in that fashion or to have his subordinates do so for him. He need to correct that failing pronto before an American decides to let the gas out of his head with .338 Lapua or .50 BMG round.


Mantenga sus ojos abiertos. Viaje ligero pero pesado de carga, y siempre dicho de otra bala en el enemigo una vez que estás abajo. 😉