Obama Attacks Arizona

Friday, May 29, 2010 President Obama demanded that the Us Supreme Court review and set aside an Arizona illegal immigration law. His federal regime thinks that it is inappropriate for the individual states to have such laws.

Obama’s administration, in a brief submitted by Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, said federal law should preempt state efforts.

From the Washington Post:

The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to review and set aside an Arizona law that sanctions employers who hire illegal immigrants, saying it would disrupt the “careful balance” that Congress struck in federal immigration law.

The act in question is not the strict new Arizona law that President Obama and other members of his administration have criticized. That measure authorizes police to question the immigration status anyone who appears to be in the country illegally.

The law being challenged, the Legal Arizona Workers Act, imposes tougher sanctions than federal law for hiring illegal workers. If the court chooses to hear the case, its ruling could show how receptive the justices would be to arguments that enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility that cannot be usurped by the states.

It’s somewhat interesting that Obama has chosen to attack the State of Arizona over this particular law, Legal Arizona Workers Act which was enacted in 2008, rather than over the other, more recent anti-illegal immigration laws that Arizona, in the wake of continued willful failure by the federal government to protect and defend America’s borders, has been forced to enact.

One is forced to conclude that Obama, ever a fan of any nation except America, is bowing before the will of Mexico’s Felipe Calderon, whose failed government has a vested interest in keeping these illegal immigrants employed within America. Obama’s timing is especially suspicious since it comes so soon after Calderon instructed Obama on how to use America’s National Guard along the Mexican border.

What’s worse for America though is the disturbing trend being shown by Obama’s regime. President Obama has a very dangerous attitude towards the law, especially the intersection of federal and state laws. Currently he is jabbering that Arizona’s law should not “usurp” federal authority because it stricter than federal law – which Obama refuses to enforce in the first place. In the recent past, however, he has refused to exert federal authority when a state’s – California in this case – laws were looser and in direct contravention of federal law.

Essentially, President Obama’s philosophy seems to be that, if he likes a federal law, he will use whatever means he can dream up to prevent the State’s from having sterner and more effective laws. Conversely, if he doesn’t like a law, he will bend over backwards not to exert federal authority to enforce it even if a state passes laws that directly conflict with- and attempt to nullify it.

This is a philosophy that is inherently dangerous and is an existential threat to America as a Constitutional Republic. Anyone who adheres to such a philosophy is an enemy of America and has no rightful business being allowed to survive within America’s borders much less fill, and thereby foul, the position of President of the United States.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.  😉

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2 Responses to “Obama Attacks Arizona”

  1. Charles Sifers Says:

    How amusing that Obama thinks that he has the power to demand anything of the Supreme’s.
    If I was Roberts, I’d tell him to stick it in his ear.

    Then, I’d hear the case and send a loud Constitutional message to the White House.

  2. jonolan Says:

    That’s a good point, Charles; Obama has little hope of success, so this is probably just a political move to appease the Latinos going into the Congressional midterm elections, distract people and the press from his non-handling of Gulf oil spill, or both.

    That being said, Obama’s disgusting attitude toward American laws is a huge problem that will, unless forcibly checked, damage this country horribly.

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