What #Wokeness Demands

Wokeness Demands That Whiteness Is A Crime To Be Punished
Wokeness Demands White Enslavement
What #Wokeness Demands

Make no mistake! This is not hyperbole. What #Wokeness demands is the absolute subjugation of the White race and the dissolution of American culture. And that is the moderate position. Their extremists would prefer to see us Whites “removed” from existence. And, they’ve already been fairly successful at pushing the first steps of this upon the White race in the West. Unless stopped, they will push things to this extent. It’s only a matter of time and our apathy or cowardice.

But let me be clear; this isn’t really a conspiracy. This is a multivalent, grassroots movement intent upon reaching an equality of results between Whites and non-Whites – especially the Blacks, who are the prime examples of failure in most previous attempts. It’s just, as each step fails to to provide the Woke with any success, they become more and more extreme and more convince that the problem is White Supremacy and Whiteness in and of itself. And that, if left unculled, can have only one final result. whether its proponents understand that or not.

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