Race-Baiting is, even at its best, annoying. But I’ve discovered something even more so in my opinion – Race-Clickbaiting. The particular case in point is the headline for an article from Everyday Chirp that showed up in my Microsoft Start page in Edge:

Earrings Ignite Racial Tensions: Woman Told Coworker She Can’t Get Earrings Like Her Because She’s White

Seems all-too-typical and definitely the sort of headline to grab one’s attention because White women are subject to attacks, primarily from non-White females over matters of hairstyle, clothing and accessories related “cultural appropriation.” As a White man who’s somewhat protective of our women – perhaps more so than they deserve these days – it sucked me right in.

But it was just race-clickbaiting. The non-White woman (Amerindian) didn’t tell her White coworker that she couldn’t get earrings like that because she was White. She just tried to put the woman off because the Amerindian tribeswomen who made them don’t sell their work outside the tribe!

Yeah, a whole different thing.

Also, especially in these times, it’s a dangerous practice. I went a read the article; many wouldn’t have done so. But that headline would be in the back of their minds – one more log on the fire, one more nail in the non-Whites’ coffin.

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Gregorian Rants

Gregorian Rants
Gregorian Rants

#Woke cultist, like all religionists, have their chants. In the case of the adherents of Woke Theology it’s the droning chant of how any negative result – or simply any less positive result in relation to the norm – that non-White, especially the Blacks, experience is wholly and solely the fault of “White Supremacy” and “Systemic Racism.” Gregorian rants indeed.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. The Wokeists will claim stridently and ,more and more often, violently that the cause of the non-Whites’ issues is White Supremacist Systemic Racism. The facts don’t matter. That Whites in similar circumstances deal with the same issues doesn’t matter. It’s all our fault and it’s all our racism causing whatever it is. That is the core of their doctrine and dogma and few, if any of them, are amenable to ecclesiastic debate.

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What #Wokeness Demands

Wokeness Demands That Whiteness Is A Crime To Be Punished
Wokeness Demands White Enslavement
What #Wokeness Demands

Make no mistake! This is not hyperbole. What #Wokeness demands is the absolute subjugation of the White race and the dissolution of American culture. And that is the moderate position. Their extremists would prefer to see us Whites “removed” from existence. And, they’ve already been fairly successful at pushing the first steps of this upon the White race in the West. Unless stopped, they will push things to this extent. It’s only a matter of time and our apathy or cowardice.

But let me be clear; this isn’t really a conspiracy. This is a multivalent, grassroots movement intent upon reaching an equality of results between Whites and non-Whites – especially the Blacks, who are the prime examples of failure in most previous attempts. It’s just, as each step fails to to provide the Woke with any success, they become more and more extreme and more convince that the problem is White Supremacy and Whiteness in and of itself. And that, if left unculled, can have only one final result. whether its proponents understand that or not.

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Biden's Backdoor Reparations

Biden's Backdoor Reparations - Social Justice w/o The Need For Blacks To Steal For Themselves
Biden’s Backdoor Reparations

… And, by “backdoor reparations” I don’t mean titularly White queers and trannies going the mandingo route. No, I mean sneaking reparations – i.e., the theft of Whites’ money in the name of Social Justice – in through the backdoor and trying to hide what they actually are through creative use of dog-whistles.

Specifically, Biden and Co., especially the blacktivist they appointed as acting FHFA Director after firing the incumbent Director for the sole reason of being a White man and, therefor, not representing this administration’s values, have decided that responsible people with decent credit scores, most of whom are White, will be forced to pay extra on their mortgages in order subsidize the mortgages of loan seekers with poor credit, most of whom are Black.

And yes, People; this went into effect a week ago on May 1, 2023, though I believe good, worthwhile people won’t begin feeling the pain for a while as they setup the mechanisms to enforce these reparations.

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Suddenly AR’s Not A Problem

Suddenly AR’s Not A Problem

The Left and their gun-grabbing politicians and pundits keep ranting that America has a “gun problem” and that the AR platform is a vile and overly deadly weapons system that no civilian – and damn few police – needs to have or should be allowed to have.

But… Put them in the hands of Black women or Trannies and suddenly – fucking magically it seems – AR’s and guns in general are no longer a problem.

Funny isn’t it?

But no. It’s not funny; it’s not even strange. When combined with their refusal to accept that America has is a Mental Health Problem. It just exposes the lie that they been perpetrating for years and years. All that’s happening now is that they’re in a spiral of decompensation. They’re barely hiding what they want behind innuendos and dog-whistles anymore, as the tranny hate crime in Nashville shows us all.

Insofar as the left and its useful #Woke idiots are concerned, the danger is normal, run of the mill, heterosexual Whites, especially White men, and most especially those White men who are Christians. The “marginalized” groups, on the other hand, are regularly proclaimed to be “underrepresented” among gun owners. Simply put, they want us disarmed and their protected, special sorts armed and ready.

Now, why would that be?

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