You Must Hire Ghetto Thugs

You Must Hire Ghetto Thugs
You Must Hire Ghetto Thugs

Biden and Co., if one can judge by their federal lawsuit against the multi-state convenience store chain, Sheetz, is declaring by fiat that you must hire ghetto thugs. They’re even attempting, again via extra-judicial fiat, to declare not hiring ghetto thugs to be a federal crime. They’re attacking Sheetz for not hiring people who failed a criminal background check… because the majority of criminals are Black – 7x more than Whites and 3x more than Hispanics. Hence, not hiring these criminals is racist according to Biden and Co..

Essentially, they’re doubling down on the Democrats’ longstanding, racist policy that criminality is a “protected class” since so many criminals are Black. They declaim that the Disparate Impact of taking action to protect people from proven threats is inherently racist due to the race of so many criminals.

So, you must specifically hire ghetto thugs or Biden and Co. will come for you with the full force of federal law and law enforcement.

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Explaining Foreign Aid

Factually Explaining Foreign Aid
Factually Explaining Foreign Aid

That Foreign Aid is just a fancy, disingenuous, and legally defensible way for politicians to say, “money laundering” is a factual way of defining the term and practice. It’s not the only correct way of defining – hence why I’ve used “factual” instead of “honest” – but it does correct identify the reality on the ground since a large number of politicians do essentially use it that way, even if the goal of the Foreign Aid is at least somewhat legitimate.

And no, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Democrats, I’m not stating this in a vacuum of ignorance or through being influenced by the media or certain internet pundits. I worked for many years for employers that made the majority of their income off of Foreign Aid. I saw who the major investors were. I watched the changes in said investments match whether or not a contract would be won by employers. I took the meetings with politicians and dealt with their very specific questions regarding my deployments. And, I testified in one of the hearings when they actually got gigged for influence peddling and corruption.

This is a large part of why politicians get wealthy while in office. It’s also why any and all reforms they enact upon themselves of pro forma slaps on the wrists without any impact or deterrence.

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Biden's Invasion Blocked

Biden’s Invasion Blocked

A federal judge, Judge T. Kent Wetherell II, in an evening session on Thursday, May 11, 2023, blocked the Biden and Co. from implementation a policy that would allow for the release without court dates – just hours before the end of the Title 42 public health order.

Judge T. Kent Wetherell II imposed a two-week restraining order on the Biden administration policy, which would release illegal immigrants into the US population without a court date or any means of tracking them. The only “restriction” upon their “parole” would be that they would be requested to ask for a court appearance by mail, or to make an appointment at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

Think about that! Biden and Co. are trying to release 10,000 or more illegal invaders a day into our country with no means of tracking them or any real plans to deal with them at all.

Fortunately, an American judge has granted us a reprieve and, hopefully, the Courts will disallow this in perpetuity. If they don’t things are going to very bad and very dangerous soon, and that’s going to made worse by the Dems and their ilk villifying and prosecuting any and all Americans who take the needed steps to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from these released invaders.

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(S)he Rape-Bred At Least Two

Prison Prego

In an example of another sort of tranny insanity, inmate Demi Minor moved from New Jersey’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women after, and only after, she had rape-bred at least two female inmates in the prison. Yes, Demi Minor is a man, one who has chosen to identify as a woman. And, as such, she was incarcerated within a women’s penitentiary, where what anyone with a working brain would expect to happen happened, obviously repeatedly and to conclusion.

(s)he has since been moved to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, a prison for minor and young adult offenders.

And yes, I use “rape-bred” advisedly, albeit harshly. Sex between inmates is never considered consensual or allowed, though it is a matter of regulations as opposed to laws, unlike any form of sexual contact between prison staff and inmates, which is always and rightly a criminal offense.

Well, at least Miss Minor probably won’t be impregnating any more inmates – not unless “she” gets a hold of some transmale inmate at least. 😉 Still though, I’m not sanguine with “her” being locked in with a bunch of teen boys and young male criminals either. That sounds like either rewarding “her” for bad behavior and/or settings things up to end very, very poorly for Minor and the prison.

But hey! It does sort of by extrapolation prove the idiot bint, Khiara Bridges’ point, since this “woman” knocked up at least two other women. And, it’s marginally possible that a “man” in Garden State Youth Correctional Facility will fall pregnant to “her” in the future.

Caveat And Admission

Firstly, this post’s point is to help make clear that there are only two genders for the vast majority of the human population, and which one you are determines whether you can get a woman pregnant or be impregnated by a man. Anything else is some form of mental illness.

Secondly, and this can’t be overstated, there’s no good and applicable solution or mitigation for the problem presented by trans criminal inmates that I can come up with. States can’t afford to construct and staff separate prisons for transmen and transwomen, and most likely also can’t afford to provide secure units for each of them individually either. And, sadly but utterly unsurprisingly, incarcerating transpeople with people of either gender is going to cause all sorts of problems, some of them quite horrible and heinous in nature.

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Biden Welcomes Rapists

Creepy Uncle Joe "Bad Hands" Biden Seems to have no problem allowing rapists and other sexual predators into OUR nation

It truly seems that Creepy Uncle Joe is living down to his various nicknames, especially when it comes to rapists and pedophiles – at least non-White ones who’ve entered America illegally, often specifically for the heinous purpose of committing various sexual crimes.

Yes, Biden has eradicated ICE’s Operation Talon, which was focused on deporting convicted sex offenders illegally in the United States.

Sure, Operation Talon dealt with 19,752 illegal aliens with criminal convictions for whom the most serious prior conviction was a conviction for a sex-related offense over the course of its almost four years of operation. But, insofar as Biden and his handlers are concerned, this is a two-fold problem: One, that’s 19,752 non-White illegals who they can’t grant amnesty and a “path to citizenship” and the Democrats’ voter rolls to; and two, it was yet another successful, needed, and wanted program enacted by President Trump. And, those are the actual reasons for Biden ending Operation Talon.

And sure. 18 State’s Attorney Generals have petitioned to have Operation Talon reinstated. But they’re AGs for Republican-dominated states, so we all know that they’ll be ignored, largely because those states are on the hit list for the Dems and at least some portion of Biden’s act was meant to harm them.

And then, of course, I’m fairly sure that “Bad Hands” Biden himself is concerned about the prosecution and removal of sexual predators. 😉

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