The Worst Racism

The Worst Racism Experienced In America Is That Experienced By A Cute Asian Girl Trying To Break Into Burlesque
The Worst Racism – An Asian Trying To Break Into Burlesque

The Blacks are almost always hooting, hollering, and jabbering about racism, and many of the Hispanics are right down there with them, at least when anyone tries to limit illegal immigration. The truth of the matter, however, is that it’s a subset of the “Good Minority,” the Asians, that suffer the greatest and more specifically pernicious racism in modern America.

Hellfire! Forget even the racism, bigotry, prejudice and “social justice” that Asians experience when trying to get into a decent college. The absolute worst and saddest for diversity’s sake racism is the racism even the cutest and most beautiful Asian girls face if and when they try to break into burlesque as a career. 😉

Really! They might as well just put up signs outside the audition halls reading Kerei On’nanoko and/or Piàoliang De NÇšhái need not apply.

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SCOTUS Spanks Holder

Eric Holder - Dangerous Idiot On Wednesday, January 11, 2012 the US Supreme Court delivered a well-deserved spanking to Obama’s boy, Eric Holder. In an unanimous decision the SCOTUS informed the worthless and murderously criminal Holder – and his overseer at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – that, despite the Obama Regime’s best efforts, the Constitution is still the highest law in the land and it includes the right of religious freedom.

In the case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC the SCOTUS Justices rendered a blunt 9-0 ruling that the Obama Regime does not have the right or privilege to tell a religious institution who may or may not be in their clergy nor under what terms they onboard or offboard such ministers and/or priests, overruling and reversing the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals’ early decision.

The interest of society in the enforcement of employment discrimination statutes is undoubtedly important. But so too is the interest of religious groups in choosing who will preach their beliefs, teach their faith, and carry out their mission. When a minister who has been fired sues her church alleging that her termination was discriminatory, the First Amendment has struck the balance for us. The church must be free to choose those who will guide it on its way.

The judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is reversed.

It is so ordered.

— Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Writing for the Court

So, for now, the shades of the Founding Fathers are smiling. The Supreme Court unanimously slapped down the Obama Regime’s attempt to violate the 1st Amendment and Americans’ freedom of religion.

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Diversity Training Fails

Most diversity training efforts at US companies are at best ineffective and often even counterproductive in increasing the number of women and minorities in managerial positions. Decades of conventional wisdom have been shown to be horribly flawed and erroneous by a recent study of the long-term effects of diversity training in the American workplace.

An in-depth recent American Sociological Review study performed by by Alexandra Kalev of UC Berkeley, Frank Dobbin of Harvard, and Erin Kelly of the University of Minnesota reviewed 31 years of data from 830 mid-size to large U.S. and found that the kind of diversity training exercises offered at most firms were followed by:

  • A 7.5% drop in the overall number of women in management.
  • A 10% drop in the number of Black, female managers
  • A 12% drop in the number of Black men in top positions.
  • Similar drops in management were seen for Latinos and Asians.

The sociologists’ study shows that organizational responsibility and accountability make a difference; diversity training and evaluation don’t. It begs the question – why didn’t the EEOC examine these issues years ago?

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