Dis Bling Be Fly

Dis bling be fly, Abdullah. Loretta's going to be jelly
Dis Bling Be Fly, Abdullah. Holder’s Going To Be Jelly

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They’re Enjoying The Show

Just as I expected, the Blacks just couldn’t couldn’t resist rioting on the anniversary of Michael Brown being put down by Officer Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO a year ago.

Fucking coons be loving this shit
I’m Sure They’re Enjoying The Show

Well, I’m fairly sure Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and the rest of their ilk are enjoying the show. This is the sort of racial unrest that their sort feeds off of and loves the taste of.

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Unbalanced Justice

Justice Is Out Of BalanceJustice Is Out Of Balance

Yes, if America’s criminal justice system wasn’t so out of balance, all of them would be in prison right now. Most of them would be at this point facing capital punishment.

Of course, if American justice still worked as well as used to, we’d have held or be holding our own version of the Nuremberg trials and everyone in the Obama Regime down to SS’s PPD details would be facing charges…

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Who’s Responsible?

As we roll our eyes and grimace in preparation for the next wave of race rioting in the Ferguson, MO area, the question oft on the minds of the American people is who will be responsible for that renewal of violent and feral behavior by the ghetto thugs and their enablers.

Who will be responsible for the next wave of Ferguson race riots?
If There’s More Race Riots In Ferguson, Who’s Responsible?

To many the responsibility for any insurrection and rioting by the Blacks if and when the grand jury fails to indict officer Darren Wilson will be shared by Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton because of four of these Blacks committed incitement to riot in all ways except the legalistic ones.

This is a serious failing of thought and belief. While these four thug-in-suits bear some measure of culpability for any and all violence that ensues in Missouri, the bulk of the responsibility will be born by the Black hordes and their fellow-travelers. In the end, neither the barely tacit approval of the Obama Regime nor the rabble rousing of the pair of aging Blacktivists, Jackson and Sharpton are causative factors in the Blacks’ behavior.

No, the Blacks in the Ferguson area are the ones who will be responsible for the own bad actions. Placing any inordinate levels of blame upon others for this specific set of bad acts is no different than giving the Blacks the hand out of Blaming American society for their underlying failures that led to this situation in the first place.

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Roving Grotesqueries

Eric Holder's Dept of Racial Justice is grotesqueAfter two weeks or so, Ferguson, MO is finally experiencing some level of calm…for now at least. There’s little doubt that the ever-angry and quick to enrage Blacks will resume their rioting, looting, and (un)civil protests forthwith if and when the grand jury fails to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, an outcome that seems more and more likely as evidence piles up in Officer Wilson’s favor.

But a return to race riots is only part of the upcoming problems for the local and state police and officer Wilson. There is also the issue that Eric Holder has dispatched a team of “special prosecutors” to Missouri to ensure that racial justice is upheld by any means necessary. This, however, is to be expected since Holder and his special teams in the DOJ Civil Rights Division are grotesque. Indeed, one could best describe both Holder and the Racial Justice Department special prosecutors as grotesqueries, since they are very ugly or comically distorted figures or images of what they should be and combine human and animal features.

You see, Holder’s “special prosecutors” are from the same team, probably many of same personnel in fact, who a federal judge described as being grotesque, perfidious, and skullduggerous last year in his 129 page order to overturn their conviction of five New Orleans police officers tied to the shooting of unarmed civilians during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Given that no part of the Obama Regime – certainly not Holder and Co. – have shown any ability to learn from their mistakes, we can expect the same sort of grotesque, criminal, and morally bankrupt behavior from then in Ferguson that they displayed in New Orleans.

So, thanks to these roving grotesqueries, the race-riots and unrest will return shortly. They must; it’s one of the tactics that Holder’s DOJ uses to ensure convictions of Whites charged with “Civil Rights” violations.

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