Celebrate Diversity!

Gentlemen, please celebrate diversity whenever possibleGentlemen, Please Celebrate Diversity

Oh yes, Gentlemen. Please do celebrate diversity. Celebrate it in the best and only way that diversity works. Life is a lot like an ice cream parlor; there’s a lot of flavors out there and one should sample as many of them as possible.

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So Many Flavors – Taste The Rainbow

So go forth, my fine fellows and end racism. Hell! If we all do it right, well, and often, we may well even, in a few generations, end race in America once and for all. 😉

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  1. Orthocegenation — Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] Gentlemen – and for this purpose, by that I mean my fellow White men – it’s all good. There’s no such thing as miscegenation, not since we got rid of those Jim Crow laws. So, White Girl, Black Girls, Latina Girls, Desi Girls, and Asian Girls are all Orthocegenation for us – the exact, polar opposite of miscegenation. Yes, Gentlemen, in this context, diversity is to be enjoyed and encouraged. […]

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