A Proper Martini

A Proper Martini Is Shaken, Not Stirred
A Proper Martini Is Shaken, Not Stirred

Lucky Eddie (Hamingju Játvarðr) may have been portrayed throughout the years as Hägar The Horrible’s rather stupid and bumbling sidekick, but he possessed and dispensed great wisdom. As is made clear above, a proper martini is shaken, not stirred. 😉

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Tsitsim L’Chaim

Tsitsim L'Chaim
Tsitsim L’Chaim!

Tsitsim L’Chaim! Boobs for Life! Or, as best as my Yiddish and Hebrew can get – and yes, I pretty sure that tsitsim (boobs) is a Yiddish word with Hebrew roots that crossed back into modern Hebrew. Linguistically correct or not though, the sentiment stands – boobs for life!

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Good Morning

Good Morning Boobs
Good Morning

Here’s hoping you have a good morning… despite it being another Monday. And, let’s face it, for the vast majority of us – normal guys, lesbians, and bisexual babes making up at least 95% of population – boobs are a great start to any day. 😉

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If You Gaze Into The Cleavage

If You Gaze Into The Cleavage, The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You
If You Gaze Into The Cleavage,
The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You

Gentlemen – and not a few of you Ladies – to provide you with advice by paraphrasing Nietzsche, “If you gaze into the cleavage, the cleavage gazes also into you.” Oh yes; you can lose your soul this way… And, this days in America, a fair amount of money with little value in return. 😉

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The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect – Chaos Ensues

Chaos is perhaps the most overused and misused term in science today. That being said, Gentlemen, we don’t have to understand chaos or the deeper meaning behind the Butterfly Effect. We just have to be aware of- and beware of the problems it can, does, and will cause us in life. 😉

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