Bikini Interlude 86

Bikini Interlude – A Boating Edition

It’s getting cold – at least up where I’m at. So, here’s dreaming of a long boat trip to warmer waters. 😉

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Bikini Interlude 85

Bikini Interlude – A Natural Edition

This interlude, beyond just being an excuse to share the enjoyment of babes in bikinis, is a gentle reminder – albeit an unseasonable one for those of us in higher latitudes, North or South – that bikinis are perfectly suitable for places in nature other than beaches.

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Bikini Interlude 84

Bikini Interlude 84 – A Friends Edition

Bikini fun in the sun is better with a friend, so enjoy and provide joy to those who watch the fun. 😉

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Bikini Interlude 83

Bikini Interlude – An Amerikini Edition

Unsurprisingly, there’s not much purpose in this Bikini Interlude – other than to share the bountiful beauty of patriotic American babes barely draped in the American flag. So, enjoy!

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Bikini Interlude 82

Bikini Interlude – Soaking Up Some Sun Edition

As per usual, this is just a Bikini Interlude. Just enjoy the beauty of these sun-drenched babes and quit looking for reasons. 😉

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