The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect – Chaos Ensues

Chaos is perhaps the most overused and misused term in science today. That being said, Gentlemen, we don’t have to understand chaos or the deeper meaning behind the Butterfly Effect. We just have to be aware of- and beware of the problems it can, does, and will cause us in life. 😉

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I Support Offshore Drilling

I Support Offshore Drilling
I Support Offshore Drilling

I support offshore drilling – also inshore and onshore drilling. 😉 Oh! And yes, that goes for seeking oil too. Then, in the latter context, I’m also not against offshore windpower and/or hydropower, though I believe that those are only good for secondary power generation at this time and further ecological impact studies need to be performed.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Oh yeah! Drill, Baby, Drill. Supporting offshore drilling is both beautiful and very, very patriotic. America needs a lot more of it.

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Bikini Interlude 70

Bikini Interlude 70 – Just Keep Going Edition

Like most of Reflections From A Murky Pond’s Bikini Interlude posts, there’s not much point to this one other than sharing the beauty of babes in bikinis. It’s October, which means it’s cool and wet where I am, after all. So, this is a bit of just keep going until Spring comes around.

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Bikini Interlude 69

Bikini Interlude – Very Close Friends Edition

While I can’t be more delightfully explicit in this post due to hosting constraints, this is the 69th Bikini Interlude. Hence, enjoy these bikini-clad pairs of women and enjoy the sapphic possibilities. 😉

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Combating PETA

Gonna Eat It... With Some Old Bay, For The Sake Of Combating PETA
Gonna Eat It… With Some Old Bay

I recently posted about how well Maryland and Old Bay trolled PETA over their anti-crabbing billboards. I’ve decided, however, to take it a bit farther by combating PETA with beauty, real beauty and not the overly slutified celebrities they use to get attention.

Combating PETA With Real Beauty

That’s right! Real beautiful women with real crabs destined for the dinner table. I’m guessing that shuts down and trumps anything that PETA’s got.

NOTE: Because I’m originally from Florida, I’ve include Stone Crabs alongside Maryland’s Jimmies and Sooks.

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