We Can & Should Cure That

We Can & Should Cure That
We Can & Should Cure That

In my rarely humble opinion, this is symptomatic of a societal plague – a pandemic of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of children. And, the law and it’s enforcers be damned, we have the cure for it since the Second Amendment is partially for providing for our common defense in the absence or refusal of the Legislative Branch doing so. And, protecting our children by removing very obvious threats to their welfare is surely within the purview and limits of our Common Defense.

“No God would call it a sin” may be an exaggeration. Moloch and/or Baal might be against removing these threats to our children. Hence either or both might consider it a sin to do so.

And please do remember that the parents that bring their children to where these freaks are eager to “interact” with them are as much or more a danger to those children as the freaks themselves.

Tantum Pro Defensio Filiis

I don’t care who with or how anyone has sex as long as they’re both consenting adults or consenting, age-gap-appropriate near-adults, and that they’re doing it behind closed doors, either at home or in a venue where this behavior is expected and is children-free. I doubt that the vast majority of Americans feels any different. Just remember, take no action except in defense of the children, and neither support nor excuse any others’ action that do not abide by the restriction.

A large percentage – probably still most of them – of both queers and BDSM sorts are perfectly normal people aside from their sexual proclivities. So, why would anyone take any sort of action against them just for that. It’s very close to only the sorts that engage in Pride demonstrations that are the problem, and which need to be corrected for.

In my opinion, all any American should do is to force the Pride sorts to walk it back from the level of pedophilia, grooming, and child abuse that they’ve reached. And, force in some form is needed. They won’t do it on their own and will only get more extreme and disgusting if not stopped. Every time Americans allow them to safely do something, these sorts will go further – because being seen as unacceptable by Americans is important to them – more important it seems than anything else.

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