Of Queers & Palestine

Of Queers & Palestine
Of Queers & Palestine

Queers and “Palestine,” are a very odd and mentally diseased intersection, mostly because of the the dramatic difference between the queers inside America’s borders and the queers in either of the two areas of Israel that the Left calls Palestine.

My personal opinion is the we should round these “Queers for Palestine” up and forcibly ship them to either Gaza or the Palestinian Authority – the latter being logistically far easier right now – and let them meet whatever fates they deserve and whatever the Muslims there choose to enact upon them.

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Anything Can Be Art

Anything Can Be Art... Except That!
Anything Can Be Art… Except That!

Lil Bobby found out the hard way that not everything is art in the eyes of modern art teachers. Lil Bobby also found out that the school had a zero tolerance policy and was almost brought up on Hate Crime charges. Fortunately, Lil Bobby chose at that moment to identify as a Black Lesbian Woman, resulting in charges immediately disappearing and “her’ being put in for an award. 😉

Currently, the Biden White House is considering adding Pankakke to the White House’s artworks as part of their push to include more BIPOC LGBTQ artworks.

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Faggots For Hamas

Faggots For Hamas
Faggots For Hamas

Yes, the faggots – and the rest of the LGBTQ+ idiots – are that stupid and deranged. There’s a huge intersectionality between the filth protesting and rioting in support of Hamas and the queers. That’s right the majority of the same people who cry out that Americans are committing genocide upon them because we’re against explicit queer porn in elementary school libraries, sexual performers entertaining our children, and the mutilation of children who are too young to truly understand what they want, are avid – indeed, rabid – supporters of Hamas, who would literally kill them all because they’re queers.

But hey! If this is the hill they want to die on, I say more power to them. 😉

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Disney's Next Attempt?

Disney's Next Attempt At The Little Mermaid?
Disney’s Next Attempt At The Little Mermaid?

With Disney’s attempt to re-envision The Little Mermaid being a flop, one has to wonder if they’ll soon try it again. The above seems like a likely 2nd attempt.

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Hellishly Funny

Hellishly Funny... To Me At Least
Hellishly Funny… To Me At Least

Sorry, not sorry! That’s hellishly funny to me. 😉

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