American Morning Routine

Perfect American Morning Routine
Perfect American Morning Routine

Cultivating a good morning routine is essential. In these times, this seems to be the best morning routine to adhere to. It’s good for you. It’s good for your family. It’s good for our nation. And, it’s good for the world.

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Enjoy Easter Chocolates

Chocolate Eggs Are The Best Easter Sweet
Chocolate Eggs Are The Best Easter Sweet
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Gentlemen – and by that I mean my fellow White men, chocolate eggs are the best sort to hunt on Easter.

Remember To Enjoy Some Easter Chocolates

So, please remember to do your best to hunt up some chocolate eggs this Easter and give them the White cream filling they deserve. 😉

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Easter Is Here Again

Easter Is Here Again

Well, for the majority of people, it’s Easter again. So, here’s a friendly PSA: it’s a holiday based upon renewal and growth – Your God literally came back from the dead after fucking around with Hell in a Gen X worthy fashion – and, as such, the best and most faithful thing you can do this Easter is hunt some eggs.

NOTE: Ostara was back on the 19th and Mabon was the 22nd, so I would be ahead of you already if I was willing to father more children. And, as a follow-on note, I father children; I don’t just sire them… except in the rare-ish cases of being contracted to do so.

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Anything Can Be Art

Anything Can Be Art... Except That!
Anything Can Be Art… Except That!

Lil Bobby found out the hard way that not everything is art in the eyes of modern art teachers. Lil Bobby also found out that the school had a zero tolerance policy and was almost brought up on Hate Crime charges. Fortunately, Lil Bobby chose at that moment to identify as a Black Lesbian Woman, resulting in charges immediately disappearing and “her’ being put in for an award. 😉

Currently, the Biden White House is considering adding Pankakke to the White House’s artworks as part of their push to include more BIPOC LGBTQ artworks.

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Extra Day Of Black History

An Extra Day Of Black History

As it’s a Leap Year, here’s an extra day of Black History for you. After all, as most of us know, if Blacks aren’t over-represented in something other than crime and incarceration, they’re “under-represented.” 😉

But, all sarcasm aside, Black women in America have a history of beauty and desirability that stretches all the way to the very beginnings of the American colonies. It wasn’t until the mid-1600s – two generations after the founding of Jamestown – that this was decided to be a “problem.” Before then, sex and intermarriage between Whites and Blacks was accepted if not societally approved of. Indeed, before then, the child of a White man and a Black slave was even born free; centuries-old English law conferring the condition (status) of the father upon his children.

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