Keeping Her Boots On

Keeping Her Boots On
Keeping Her Boots On

I’m not and never have been a fan of women keeping their high-heels, especially high-heeled boots on in bed. Frankly, it always seemed to be problematical and I never understood the allure.

Well, now I do! It’s isometrics, and a good, solid brace for certain exercises. 😉

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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed - A Very Fine Idea
Breakfast In Bed – A Very Fine Idea

Breakfast in bed is almost always a very fine idea. So, try waking up early and first now and then. And, Gentlemen? Pancakes are pretty easy to make.

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We Welcome The Slutfolk

We Welcome The Slutfolk
We Welcome The Slutfolk With Open… *Ermmm*… Arms?

This mostly for those of who are gamers – MMO and tabletop – and/or fans of certain sorts of genre fiction, but only mostly. Writings of Half-Angels go back to approximately 1800BC, specific references to Half-Demons to the mid-19th century, and Half-Elves and Half-Orcs to the 1930s. And, only the last two are specifically fiction. 😉

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What Men Prefer

Men Prefer Blowjobs
What Men Prefer

It’s a common question by- and point contention between women. Do men prefer big boobs or small boobs. It’s also more than a bit nonsensical since even gay men like boobs.

Yes, Most Of Us Like Big Boobs

It’s simple truth that the vast majority of men like big boobs. And, by and large, we don’t care whether those boobs are wholly real or artificially augmented, though various studies indicate that the majority of us prefer boobs that look reasonably natural. Again though, these are preferences, not hard, binary toggles of like vs. dislike.

But Most Of Us Also Like Small Boobs

Yeah, some of us men actually prefer small boobs, and very few of who prefer larger ones will turn down smaller ones. Small boobs may not have a lot going for them but most men think what they do have going for them goes a long, long way. Hence, we like small boobs too.

Blowjob Lips
But Our Preference Is Simple

But, at the end of the day – and/or the beginning, or any time(s) between – in the controversy between big boobs and small boobs, men prefer blowjobs. 😉 Or pussy. Or Ass. Pretty much any sex act – or, for many men, any form of physically demonstrated affection – will win out over a woman’s boob size.

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Liberals' Sex-Ed

The Future Of Liberals' Sex-Ed
The Future Of Liberals’ Sex-Ed

Quite honestly, the way Liberals and Progressives are pushing sex and sexuality onto school children and earlier and earlier ages, I wouldn’t be surprised if this did become part of high school sex-ed curriculum.

Then again, now that I think of it, applied sex-ed might be something other than a totally bad thing. 😆

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