Trump And Navalny

Trump & Navalny
Trump And Navalny

Trump and Navalny – two men with more in common than should be allowed. And yes, Trump’s current situation is as similar to Navalny’s as is possible with the differences in timing and legal systems between Russia and America. The best evidence for that being how all the Lamestream Media outlets immediately derided the comparison with extreme prejudice and vitriol. That level of protestation strongly implies denial and projection.

True, President Trump is alive, not dead, and he wasn’t sentenced to life in a gulag in the hopes that he’d simply die there. Democrats wish he had been, but our legal system doesn’t allow for that. Nor do we have a charge that exactly matches the Russian legal system’s extremism. But also true is that the Democrats have marshal led and weaponized the US’s legal and law enforcement systems against President Trump nonstop and without adhering to any normative limits since he became a real contender for the Republican nomination in the 2016 election. And, in both cases, it was because of “extremism,” i.e., being considered a threat to the existing regime.

So yes, Trump is our Navalny. The only differences between the two men are solely based upon the differences between what Putin and the Democrats can get away with under their respective laws.

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