By Any Means?

Zero CO2 By Any Means?
Zero CO2 By Any Means?

Biden and Co. are once again proving that they’ll enforce the Warmists’ ideology by and means necessary. They might as well start chanting, “From sea to shining sea, America will be carbon free!”

On Friday, November 17th, 2023 Biden and his Department of Energy (DOE) jointly announced that the federal government would use the he 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to funnel $169 million tax dollars into 9 projects across 15 sites nationwide in an effort to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing.

Yeah, nothing says we’re the ones protecting democracy from the evil “MAGA extremists” quite like using a cold-war era national defense law to advance a Democrat policy agenda and specifically privilege certain manufacturers over the competition. 🙄

Now, don’t get me wrong; this isn’t, in and of itself, catastrophic, and I’ve little to no problems with the federal government funding research into just about any technology. That, to my mind, is the the proper and often necessary place of the government in the arena of science, technology, and engineering. No, my primary issue with this bit of eco-tyranny is the use of the DPA to do it. Operating under the very hard to politically combat penumbra of national security in order to artificially alter the market is dangerously wrong.

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Biden's Anti-MAGA Rant

Biden's Anti-MAGA Rant (Disambiguation)
Biden’s Anti-MAGA Rant (Disambiguation)

Yeah, the Dodderer in Chief, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden rants fairly often about us Americans, deriding us as dangerous extremists. His handlers and nursemaids have even double-downed on weaponizing the DOJ against us. To be fair though, they’ve left themselves little choice in this at this point.

And yet, all we really want is for the government to stop infringing upon our Divinely granted rights, an economy that isn’t being taken apart piecemeal to further destructive ideologies, to protect our children – and even the children of our sworn domestic enemies, and not getting us involved in unneeded foreign wars, especially ones that could easily lead to WW3.

But, Biden and Co., quite rightly given their agendas and loyalties, feel that those positions are existential threats to everything that they stand for against America and her People.

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The Expected COVID Spike

The Democrats' Expected COVID Spike
The Democrats’ Expected COVID Spike

It’s a funny thing; I’m starting to hear a fair amount about COVID spike in America throughout social media, and a bit in the lamestream media as well. But, this is probably to be expected. With the Democrats’ poorly handled and persecutive lawfare against President Trump not having the effect that they want, a more and more damning evidence against Creepy Uncle Joe Biden coming to light, the Dems both need to distract the populace and lay the groundwork for lockdowns before the upcoming civil unrest.

Their trying to revitalize the largely moribund panicdemic, at least enough to “justify” later, more draconian actions without making it clear that they plan to use force to get their way this time, is to be expected. It follows the normal, well-trodden pathways of their sorts throughout history.

Or, maybe I’m wrong. Or, maybe I not wrong but I’m granting them to much credit for planning and foresight. I have stated that COVID 19 will be with us forever after all.

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The Trump Indictments

My Thoughts On The Trump Indictments

There’s a lot I could write about the plethora of manufactured charges and indictments by Democrats against President Trump, too much in point of fact. So, instead, I’ll keep it simple and address only the most fundamental aspect of their persecution.

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The FBI's Gone Nuts

The FBI's Gone Nuts
The FBI’s Gone Nuts

That’s about the size of it these days. A red baseball cap is pretty damn close to all you need for the FBI to come after you and your family. We saw it start under Obama, to prevent the Trump Presidency, and we’ve seen it go further down that rabbit hole since then.

These days, it’s the FBI – really, the whole of the DOJ, but the FBI are the primary myrmidons – who are the terrorists. They even match the original definition of the term. That’s what happens when a paramilitary forced allowed to operated under the Color of Law is either weaponized against a political party’s domestic enemies or chooses to weaponize itself in order to preserve or expand its power and funding.

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