The Coming 2024 Usurpation

The Upcoming 2024 Usurpation
The Upcoming 2024 Usurpation

Whether or not you believe that 2020 elections were fair and unsullied by Democrat corruption and illegality, it’s damn hard not to expect the upcoming 2024 elections to be completely rigged in Biden and the Dems’ favor. Given the Biden administration’s, their DOJ’s, their media’s, and the various and sundry Dem prosecutors and judges at the state level’s ongoing attacks upon President Trump and large swaths of the rank and file Republicans – all while denying and downplaying the growing list of “high crimes” that Biden has apparently been involved with for decades, it beggars the imagination of sane people to believe that they won’t try anything and everything to stay in power, if for no other reason than to avoid reprisals.

Honestly, the way they’re acting is such that I have a great deal of trouble believing that they’d risk being removed from power. That power is only thing stopping a unheard of level shitstorm, prosecutorial and otherwise, falling upon them. It’s basic human nature for them to do anything and everything that they can to avoid that.

So yeah, I believe it’s safe enough to say that we’re approaching the 2024 Usurpation more than the 2024 Elections. So, prep well and stand ready.

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