Joe Hiden

Joe Hiden - The Basement Candidate
Joe Hiden – The Basement Candidate

Ole Joe “The Gaffe Master” Biden should possibly be called Joe Hiden or Punxsutawney Joe. He has, after all, become a sad and bitter recluse, running what passes for his presidential campaign from his basement.

Of course, the Dems have quickly warmed to this bunkered and hunkered style of seeking the Presidency. They’re certainly quite strident in their desire for Biden to NEVER debate President Trump. And really, who can blame them? Biden’s mental acuity and agility have never been that great, and they’ve both declined over the last year or so, which many Dems acknowledge.

I’m just wondering if the Dems expect or plan to force Creepy Uncle Joe to, if elected, run his Presidency in a similar fashion. If so, it does explain why it’s taking them so long to inform Biden who is Vice Presidential running mate is, since she’d be the one most likely running the show.

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Uh Yeah, That’s The Point

Uh Yeah, That's The Point. Joe! It's Called #MAGA
Uh Yeah, That’s The Point. Joe! It’s Called #MAGA

Of course President Trump will, when re-elected, continue to work upon altering the character of this nation. It’s called #MAGA and it’s the restoring, rebuilding, renewing, and reaffirmation of the values and culture that led America to be the greatest nation on Earth and a shining city upon a hill that serves as a beacon of hope to the world.

Of course Democrats can’t “let that happen.” It’s a massive course correction and each step our nation takes along it is a step away from what the Democrats want to replace America with.

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Susan Rice Is Ready

Susan Rice Is Ready
Susan Rice Is Ready

Since Susan Rice has apparently made Biden’s shortlist for the VP slot, I’m sure she’s prepping for that all-important interview.

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Charting Biden’s VP Pick

Charting Biden's VP Pick
Charting Biden’s VP Pick

With Biden make gender and race the paired primary “qualifications” for being his 2020 running mate, the Lamestream Media’s charting the duskiness of potential picks is actually less bias than just following along with the Gaffemaster’s own promise.

But hey! It’s not as if Biden couldn’t use a Magic Negress to keep him grounded and under control, and a strong, wise “mammy” might just be the best choice – though the Quaker Oats Company and their parent company, PepsiCo would probably disagree.

In any event and no matter which one his handlers pick for him, Biden’s VP choice in the 2020 elections will be the perfect and most perfectly visible token of what the Democrat party is now.

At least we know Biden won’t pick Hillary as his running mate. He may be a bit crazy and more than a little senile, but he does want to survive his possible term as POTUS without “suiciding” or have “an odd accident.” πŸ˜‰

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It Can’t Be Unseen

What Has Been Seen Can't Be Unseen - e.g., Joe Biden Sniffing Idaho
What Has Been Seen Can’t Be Unseen

What has been seen can never be unseen. So, you’re never going to be able to see Idaho – and Montana – the same way again. πŸ˜‰

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