Biden’s Identity Crisis

Biden's Identity Crisis
Biden’s Identity Crisis

After Biden’s splud performance in the recent debate, he really needed to make some strong performances in interviews and engagements afterward in order to lessen the stark terror of a significant portion of the Democrats. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen – even though radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders of WURD in Philadelphia used a subset of the allowed questions provided to her by the Biden campaign.

In particular, Biden’s response to a easy, softball question about his naming some of his accomplishments is beyond sad and worrying:

I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first Black woman, to serve with a Black president.

Joe Biden

Well, on the bright side, Biden didn’t identify as a cat. ๐Ÿ™„ But, I don’t even think that the most extreme of the “you can be anything you want to be and people HAVE to accommodate you” #Woke crowd are going to claim that Biden’s identity crisis is stunning and brave. No. Everybody is going to realize that the senile octogenarian lost track of what was going on and ended up, in his befuddled state, combining two of his well-rehearsed responses or two parts of the one he gave.

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To Our Independence!

On this day 248 years ago, a group, who had the courage to stand up for their freedom, formally declared their independence from a government that was tyrannical, exploitive, and did not serve the interests of the American people.

To Our Independence!

And so we celebrate these brave men and women who were ready, willing, and able to take up arms to secure their independence and birth our nation.

And, as a bonus for we Americans in these times, Independence Day is the one day of the year when we can wear and wave the flag and be openly proud of our nation and People without risking ending up on the Democrats’ FBI’s domestic terrorism watch list. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To Keeping It!

But any form of liberty is always vulnerable. It must be protected and nourished or it will be murdered by those who cannot stand a Free People. So, let us heartily celebrate those who will focus upon keeping our independence from enemies foreign and domestic. Let us salute those who will cast their ballots to Make America Great Again!

To Restoring It!

But, we also must salute those among our People who realize that the Democrats will be very unlikely to abide by our victory at the ballot box.

No, to paraphrase and borrow from Malcom X, 2024 is the year of the ballot or the bullet, and the Democrats, the government agencies, and their media have provided us with more than ample evidence that they – perhaps or even probably again – have little to no intention of allowing any ballot to unseat them from power, especially not if abiding by the vote restored President Trump to his rightful office.

Truly, with all our domestic enemies have done since 2015, how can one simply believe that they’d allow or acknowledge a Trump victory in 2024? With all they’ve called for and threatened, how can any American believe that the Dems will cede power just because they’re actually voted out of office?

Face hard, unpleasant, but evident facts; Democrat power brokers and their lamestream media have spent years hammering home the propaganda that President Trump and the American people are imminent, existential threats to Democracy, and a great number (86%) of their rank and file truly and strongly believe this.

How Dems See President Trump
How Dems See President Trump

Remember, The DNC itself uses the phrase, โ€œDictator on โ€˜Day Oneโ€™โ€ to describe the return of President Trump to office, and a lot on the Left took that to heart. They literally see the restoration of President Trump to office as the death knell of democracy in America.

How far would you go to protect America’s democracy if you believed it was under clear and present threat? The Left is at least as willing as you to go that far and probably farther, given the prevalence of mental illness among them, to protect their vision of America.

So, raise up a joyous noise to our independence! While we have it and while the streets and fields are still unmarred by civil war. Eat, Drink, Fuck, and Be Merry. For tomorrow we kill and die.

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The World’s Loudest Splud

Biden's Debate Performance - The World's Loudest Splud
Biden’s Debate Performance – The World’s Loudest Splud

Watching the recent Presidential debate was painful. On one hand, it’s always affirming to be right. On another hand, it’s great to watch one’s enemies fail horribly and know that it’ll be hard for them to recovery. On yet another hand though, that debate was 90 minutes of watching an infirm old man be forced to humiliate and degrade himself for all the fucking world to watch. And then, afterwards, getting to watch his fucking wife praise him as if he was a toddler or a puppy – again, for all the world to watch.

Yeah, I hooted and hollered. And yeah, I mocked Biden for him stumbling and his slack-jawed, blank-faced look on the split screen. I did all that. But, by the end of it. I wasn’t laughing; I wasn’t happy. I was damn near both to crying and screaming in rage because that was wrong. Enemy or not, I can’t abide them parading Biden out a utterly debasing and humiliating him like that.

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Debate Conditions

Biden's Debate Conditions
Biden’s Debate Conditions

Tomorrow, President Trump and Creepy Uncle Joe will have their first “debate.” And yes, those conditions – which, by and large, President Trump casually agreed to – all favor Biden, who likely couldn’t “win” vs. President Trump even if he was allowed to phone a friend. And, I truly don’t believe that they can dose Biden with enough Adderall to change that.

Actually, as far as I can see, President Trump has already “won” this farce. He’s chosen to walk into CNN’s closed studio and “debate” Biden with two severe TURDs sufferers, Jack Tapper and Dana Bash, with no audience to provide witness. It’s not unlike David walking into the lions’ den, except that President Trump is a bigger lion. ๐Ÿ˜‰ President Trump and the American people know this is kabuki and that every bit of this farce is rigged against him. Hence, he’s going to go in there strong; they’re going to silence him and coddle Biden, and we, the People are going to see them do it and we’re going to see President Trump weather it and proverbially stride forward.

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So, Hunter’s Convictions

Hunter Biden has been convicted on all three felony charges – two counts related to false statements in purchasing the firearm and a third count of illegally obtaining a firearm while addicted to drugs. This is, of course, a “historic moment,” the first time a sitting president’s offspring has been found guilty of felonies.

Truth be told though, this is only news at all because Hunter’s last name is Biden and that the DOJ tried to keep this whole thing – and his tax fraud – out of the courtroom in the first place. Aside from that, the only way this could have been news is if the jury had acquitted Hunter.

He’s not going to go to prison. First time, nonviolent offenders rarely do and even more rarely do so if they don’t make a spectacle out of the court proceedings, which Hunter, to his credit, didn’t. And, there’s really no way his conviction on these charges will in any meaningful way impact the upcoming elections. It take a great deal more than that to change anyone’s vote.

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