Take Out The Trash

It's Past Time To Take Out The Trash
It’s Past Time To Take Out The Trash

Yes, it is well past time to take out the trash. And, with trash like this, it’s not a landfill it belongs in. It belongs in an incinerator. There’s already too many vermin feeding off it as it is, and it’s drawing in 1000s more of them every single day at this point.

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A Sign Of These Times

A Sign Of These Times
A Sign Of These Times

The new billboard at at the intersection of MD 4 and Bowie Shop Road in Calvert County, MD is a sign of these times we Americans live in. This is exactly what the Democrats installation of Brandon and his Token Negress has brought us to so far.

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Where’s Kamala?

Where's Kamala?
Where’s Kamala?

Where’s Kamala Harris? Well, not at the US-Mexico border, but then, neither is Biden. But, Kamala Harris is also not at the President’s Daily Briefings (PDBs). She’s attended only 69 of the 276 PDBs since Biden’s installation as POTUS, almost half of them in the 1st 3 months of the administration. Strange for Vice President who was included in such meetings because the Vice Presidency was “supposed” to be her training for taking over the Presidency.

Normally, this would even begin to be an issue. VPs don’t even normally attend the PDBs. But Biden handlers made sure that he made a point of having her attend and saying that she was ready to lead on day one. Indeed, they seemed to go to great lengths to present Biden and Harris – or was it Harris and Biden – as something akin to Co-Presidents rather than the chief and subordinate. That being the case, it is a problem that she’s not being briefed and seemingly doesn’t want to be.

And, when one considers that Biden has repeatedly referred to Harris as first the President-Elect, then the President, and has “stumbled” and said that she’d be POTUS soon, the situation becomes even more disturbing. This is, after all, exactly what President Trump warned the world about and what Americans fear. Her not being ready to replace the aged and mentally infirm Biden just makes that fear more visceral.

Of course, this is Biden we’re talking about, the man who is the past master of gaffes and who can’t string many consecutive sentences together in a functional manner. So, things may not be as they seem. Then again, that is exactly why things might be exactly as they seem, but without pre-planning or conscious involvement on Biden’s part. 🙄

Is Kamala Where She’s Supposed To Be?

One thing to consider and to take into account as one plans for the future is that Kamala Harris isn’t “missing;” she’s exactly where those who are running Biden’s administration want her to be, whether she likes it or is even cognizant of it at all.

Biden is a menace due to his mental incompetence and it would be natural for their administration’s handlers and overseers to distance Harris from him as much as possible and to place her in non-controversial roles that keep her well away from Creepy Uncle Joe and his blunders. That way, she would be less stained from the association when she was tapped to replace him as POTUS, either due to Biden’s stepping down, being removed via the 25th Amendment, dying, or just not running for a 2nd term in office, which seems the most likely to me, though that could change based upon Harris’ approval ratings.

Or, it could just be that Kamala Harris is an entitled, petulant, power-seeking abomination that the Democrats have quickly learned was a mistake and they’re keeping her away from Biden and the spotlight for that reason.

So, the first question is where’s Kamala, but the second has to be why is she there instead of where she was “planned” to be.

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Funny But False

Funny But False - Their Deaths Alone Won't Save America
Funny But False – Their Deaths Alone Won’t Save America

OK! Yes, the thought of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and Kamala Hyena Harris dying together at sea is both funny and a pleasant fantasy to many Americans. However funny this joke is though, it’s false. The deaths of Biden and Harris would not save America. The line of succession and those in that line mean that there’s no hope that those two dying would benefit our nation and our people.

Current Line Of Presidential Succession

2Nancy PelosiDemocrat
3Patrick LeahyDemocrat
4Antony BlinkenDemocrat
5Janet YellenDemocrat
6Lloyd AustinDemocrat
7Merrick GarlandDemocrat
8Deb HaalandDemocrat
9Tom VilsackDemocrat
10Gina RaimondoDemocrat
11Marty WalshDemocrat
12Xavier BecerraDemocrat
13Marcia FudgeDemocrat
14Pete ButtigiegDemocrat
*Jennifer GranholmDemocrat
15Miguel CardonaDemocrat
16Denis McDonoughDemocrat
*Alejandro MayorkasDemocrat
* Ineligible due to being a naturalized citizen

As you can see, every single one of those in line for the Presidency is a Democrat and, worse, most are either Obama appointees or retreaded Obama appointees placed back into office by Biden. None of them being POTUS would allow America to survive.

And, can you in your worst nightmares picture President Pelosi?!?

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When You’re So Full Of Shit

When You're So Full Of Shit
When You’re So Full Of Shit…

And No! I’m not sniping at Biden. He has little to nothing to do with either his “election” or Presidency. This is entirely aimed at the enemy apparatus that chose and installed him as POTUS and chose a “Black” female as his running mate for purely political reasons.

But hey! They chose well. I’ve got to give them that. Harris certainly looks the part and sounds and acts too.

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