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The Cheesy Fall Of Eve

Posted in Food & Drink, Humor, Religion on May 27th, 2023
he Cheesy Fall Of Eve
he Cheesy Fall Of Eve

Ah yes; the age-old tale of Moophistopheles tempting Eve, which is said to have resulted in Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Edam. 😆

Gregorian Rants

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on May 22nd, 2023
Gregorian Rants
Gregorian Rants

#Woke cultist, like all religionists, have their chants. In the case of the adherents of Woke Theology it’s the droning chant of how any negative result – or simply any less positive result in relation to the norm – that non-White, especially the Blacks, experience is wholly and solely the fault of “White Supremacy” and “Systemic Racism.” Gregorian rants indeed.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. The Wokeists will claim stridently and ,more and more often, violently that the cause of the non-Whites’ issues is White Supremacist Systemic Racism. The facts don’t matter. That Whites in similar circumstances deal with the same issues doesn’t matter. It’s all our fault and it’s all our racism causing whatever it is. That is the core of their doctrine and dogma and few, if any of them, are amenable to ecclesiastic debate.

Heaven's Backdoor

Posted in Humor, Religion on April 27th, 2023
I Care Not For The Pearly Gates. I'll Go Through Heaven's Backdoor
Forget The Pearly Gates. I’ll Go Through Heaven’s Backdoor

As one of what are normally lumped together as Pagans – and a priest thereof to boot – and as a man who’s done many things that go directly against the words – and seemingly Word – of Christ that I will never repent for, there’s very, very, very little chance I’ll ever be passing through the Pearly Gates… well, not unless I’m part of- or leading an Infernal army of some sort. That’s OK with me. If the Christians – or Abrahamics in general – are right, I’m never passing through the gates into heaven.

Still doesn’t mean I’m not going to take the path less traveled and go in Heaven’s backdoor. 😆

Priority Mail?

Posted in Humor, Religion on April 24th, 2023
Priority Mail From Heaven. Do Be Afraid!
Priority Mail?

Oh yes! Be afraid! Such messages, if sent to you, cannot be returned to sender. 😉 Indeed, receiving a heavenly message from such a being means your life as you knew it is over. 😆

Oh, and at the risk of my study of Angelology, Art, and History showing, the Cherub wouldn’t be much better for you. They’re not at all in any way similar to the putto show above.

Creating Skynet

Posted in Humor, Religion, Science, Society, Technology on April 13th, 2023
Creating Skynet Out Of Hubris & Willful Ignorance
Creating Skynet Out Of Hubris & Willful Ignorance

No matter which AI-driven near future dystopia floats your boat, remember that it will really be started by Man’s hubris and willful ignorance. If and when it happens, we shall have birthed our own demise through just being us.

Perhaps, however, this is a foregone conclusion. Certainly, any of the Abrahamics should consider that possibility and take such actions as seem proper to postpone and/or mitigate the likely outcome. It seems to me, if one accepts Yahweh as the Creator, to be far more probable that “made in His image” meant our selves, not our flesh, was made so, including the desire to Create. And, of course, we forget that we are flawed and our creations made in our image will be even more so.

It is and I think shall be a worthy test of the pithy truism, “Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.”