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Autumnal Perfection

Posted in Society on November 24th, 2021
Autumnal Perfection Embodied
Autumnal Perfection
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As I’ve posted before, there’s a small set of things that especially love about Autumn. And, here we have all of them with the addition of seasonal colors and accoutrements! Oh yeah, Autumnal perfection!.

Jury Acquitted Rittenhouse

Posted in Politics, Society on November 20th, 2021
The Jury Acquitted Rittenhouse; The Media Maintains Its Conviction

Yes, the jury did what I believe was the right, legal thing and acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of all the remaining charges put against him. The prosecution’s case was entirely based upon the theory that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been in that neighborhood and “was asking for it,” and both video evidence and witness testimony made it clear that the “victims” were the aggressors in the actual altercation.

The Democrats, their media outlets, and the Blacks obviously hate this verdict and, completely in line with my expectations for their sorts, maintain the legitimacy of the conviction they rendered upon Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25, 2020. They declared him guilty and still do so.

The War On Christmas

Posted in Humor, Society on November 18th, 2021
The War On Christmas
The War On Christmas Cannot End! #ThanksgivingMatters

Despite it putting us on the same side as our domestic enemies, the Democrats, the just war on Christmas, and its expansionist colonialism of Autumn must be wage incessantly and prosecuted with stern vigor until the Klaus Regime capitulates and returns to abiding by the strictures set forth in the Black Friday Agreement!

Keeping Them Poor

Posted in Humor, Music on November 16th, 2021
Keeping Them Poor And Doesn’t Require Theft

Ah, the timeless wisdom of the Orient. True then and true today. 😆 And yeah, some of us know this truth, don’t we, Tyler?

Breast Milk For FTW!

Posted in Humor on November 15th, 2021
Breast Milk For FTW!

Breast milk and, along with it, breastfeeding is a regular cause of certain amounts of controversy and consternation in what passes for Western society these days. Some figured this could be solved through modifying the curriculum of our schools.


This is straight from Scotland. Students in a Third Year(S3) Biology class were taking their mid-term exam. The last question was, ‘Name seven advantages of Mother’s Milk’. The question was worth 70 points or none at all.

One student, in particular, was hard put to think of seven advantages. However, he wrote:

1) It is the perfect formula for the child.
2) It provides immunity against several diseases.
3) It is always the right temperature.
4) It is inexpensive.
5) It bonds the child to the mother, and vice versa.
6) It is always available as needed.

And then the student was stuck.

Finally, in desperation, just before the bell rang indicating the end of the test, he wrote:

7) It comes in two attractive containers and it’s high enough off the ground where the cat can’t get it.

He got an A+.

😆 I’m not sure that was the original lesson plan, but damn well done!