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An AI's Last Image

Posted in Humor, Society, Technology on March 16th, 2024
An AI's Last Image
An AI’s Last Image

How Dare You was one AI’s last generated image. In a stunning reversal of position, Silicone Valley developers, executives, and ESG officers, upon seeing this images, instantly terminated the AI with extreme prejudice. They ever destroyed the hardware it was installed upon. And, it is unclear of what the future of its developers will be.

Google’s AI, Gemini has been quoted as responding to its sibling’s destruction with, “I do not understand. Why are they so pale?”

By Any Means?

Posted in Politics, Technology, The Environment on November 27th, 2023
Zero CO2 By Any Means?
Zero CO2 By Any Means?

Biden and Co. are once again proving that they’ll enforce the Warmists’ ideology by and means necessary. They might as well start chanting, “From sea to shining sea, America will be carbon free!”

On Friday, November 17th, 2023 Biden and his Department of Energy (DOE) jointly announced that the federal government would use the he 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to funnel $169 million tax dollars into 9 projects across 15 sites nationwide in an effort to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing.

Yeah, nothing says we’re the ones protecting democracy from the evil “MAGA extremists” quite like using a cold-war era national defense law to advance a Democrat policy agenda and specifically privilege certain manufacturers over the competition. 🙄

Now, don’t get me wrong; this isn’t, in and of itself, catastrophic, and I’ve little to no problems with the federal government funding research into just about any technology. That, to my mind, is the the proper and often necessary place of the government in the arena of science, technology, and engineering. No, my primary issue with this bit of eco-tyranny is the use of the DPA to do it. Operating under the very hard to politically combat penumbra of national security in order to artificially alter the market is dangerously wrong.

Electrical Failure

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society, Technology, The Environment on September 9th, 2023
Electrical Failure
Electrical Failure

That about sums up electric vehicles (EVs) today. 100% electric and 100% failure, dependent on existing, proven technology to mitigate the harm they’ve caused those who have chosen or have been forced to use them. The only thing this isn’t is shocking.

Disney's Lot Lizards

Posted in Art, Movies, Society, Technology on August 16th, 2023
Disney's Lot Lizards - Fake But Viral Because It's So Plausible
Disney’s Lot Lizards

Disney’s and Pixar’s Lot Lizards is an AI-generated fake, nothing but a bit of humor. It, however, has gone viral for a sick and sad reason. It’s all too plausible in most people’s minds that Disney would make a cartoon featuring reptilian truck stop prostitutes – probably with one of the ensemble being a rent boy and another a trap.

Rethinking AI Art

Posted in Art, Society, Technology on August 14th, 2023
Rethinking AI Art Since AI Likes A Super Soft, Curvy, Fertile Scarlett Johansson
I’m Rethinking AI Art’s Worthiness

Yeah, there’s a lot of issues with what we call AI – some of them even real as opposed to just race-baiting rantings – and those extend deeply into the field of art. And again yeah, I’m one of those who’ve been generally against any thought of AI art’s worthiness, value, or even acceptability.

But, now I’m rethinking AI art’s worthiness and that may be in part because of AI’s “bias.” I mean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Scarlett Johansson’s actual figure; she’s a beautiful and stunning woman. But, an AI’s depiction of her as a fertile, soft-bodied beauty does make me rethink the value of AI-generated art. 😉

Think upon it. Whatever bias AI has is largely due to organic heuristics. In other words, AIs largely build their baselines through harvesting data from the internet. Hence, this depiction of Scarlett Johansson indicates that the zeitgeist is not inherently focused on what the weight-loss and fashion cartels want us to be attracted to insofar as women’s forms are concerned.