Lazy Fat Ugly Cows

In America, we’ve a far worse problem than politics. We’re crushed under an ever growing horde of lazy, fat, ugly cows. Really! This obesity epidemic has gotten out of hand, grown to unmanageable proportions as it were.

Truly, society needs to intervene and take drastic measures to end this problem. Whole generations of Americans are at risk of believing that curves, especially extreme curves, and full-fleshed bodies are normal and even healthy. That can’t be allowed to happen just to pander to people, especially women, who are too lazy not to be fat.

27 Lazy, Fat, Ugly Cows

Take a good look at the 27 women shown above. All of them are overweight, ranging from merely overweight to morbidly obese and they’re flaunting it as if they believe that people want to see there soft and curved bodies in lingerie and/or states of undress. Worse, these women are all professional erotic models, meaning that they’re actually getting paid to show off their thick bodies.

And, if fat shaming is the only or best way to do this sort of intervention, then so be it. Ridicule is, after all, a very effective means of controlling people’s behaviors.

Dear Fat People

The cost to these lazy fatties self-esteem is worth it in the protection of the revenues of the over $60 billion per annum weight-loss industry alone, not to mention the additional strain that their weight places on ObamaCare. This make even the collateral damage acceptable in the wrong run.

Really! whatever it takes, society has to do. It’s not like these lazy, fat, ugly cows or the men who enable them by not being disgusted by their societally non-normative bodies are ever going to change their ways on their own.

Or We Could…

Or we could as a society get our fucking minds right! Sure, curves like these women have are dangerous, but only to the fashion and weight-loss cartels and certain Liberal politicians and their hangers-on.

We guys could decide to not subordinate our preferences to manufactured opinions of pop culture and be men, not dogs, and make clear to the ladies what we like. Doing so would certainly help women reject the fashion and weight-loss cartels’ unnatural and sickening demand that skeletons dipped in way and prepubescent boys with tits grafted on to them are what are sexy and healthy.

Not that any of this means that we should attack and/or ridicule the skinny women for being skinny. There are, after all, many roads to beauty and there’s actually little real point in arguing matters of taste when those tastes are naturally occurring as opposed to being indoctrinated. We may need to shame and ridicule them for their attacks upon curvy, thick, or phat women, and for bordering on self-harm by obsessing over being as skinny as possible, but not over their weight and curves or lack thereof themselves. This particular arc of justice needs not be a pendulum swing.

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2 Responses to “Lazy Fat Ugly Cows”

  1. John Says:

    On the second page you can almost see the abs of the brown complected lady. How is she fat and lazy? Are you saying she's ugly?

  2. jonolan Says:

    I'm guessing that you didn't make it to the end of the post, specifically the final 3 paragraphs under "Or We Could…"

    So no, I'm not her or any of them are "fat and lazy." I'm saying that the "mass market" of sheeple and the weight-loss and fashion cartels would and do claim such and we're wrong-headed for listening to them.

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