I Identify As…

I Identify As...
I Identify As…

Yeah, why not? Being trans-slender makes as much sense and show no less sanity than being transsexual or trans-racial. So, I say to go for it. Science, sanity, and reality be damned; your identity is entirely up to you.

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He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said
He Said, She Said

Apparently, some 20 years ago Donald Trump, then the brand new owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, “fat shamed” the then current Miss Universe, Alicia Machado by calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” He also supposedly “publicly humiliated” her for gaining a large amount of weight after winning the pageant by inviting reporters to watch her work out at the gym. Trump even described Machado as “somebody who liked to eat.” Apparently, this also seems to matter in the election circus or, at least, Hillary and her proxies want to make it so.

I don’t honestly know whether to laugh or to weep. Comparing the things that Mr. Trump said decades ago to the various lies and insults Hillary has committed throughout those same years, e.g., her recent calling of a huge swath of Americans “a basket of deplorables” is taking false equivalency and relevance into the bizarre realm of argumentum ad absurdum.

Really! In the arena of He Said, She Said, Hillary wouldn’t be the one to come out on top as the victor…not if her followers actually cared about more than her having a cunt.

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Lazy Fat Ugly Cows

In America, we’ve a far worse problem than politics. We’re crushed under an ever growing horde of lazy, fat, ugly cows. Really! This obesity epidemic has gotten out of hand, grown to unmanageable proportions as it were.

Truly, society needs to intervene and take drastic measures to end this problem. Whole generations of Americans are at risk of believing that curves, especially extreme curves, and full-fleshed bodies are normal and even healthy. That can’t be allowed to happen just to pander to people, especially women, who are too lazy not to be fat.

27 Lazy, Fat, Ugly Cows

Take a good look at the 27 women shown above. All of them are overweight, ranging from merely overweight to morbidly obese and they’re flaunting it as if they believe that people want to see there soft and curved bodies in lingerie and/or states of undress. Worse, these women are all professional erotic models, meaning that they’re actually getting paid to show off their thick bodies.

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