One of the most telling and evocative pieces of art I’ve seen in a while. It is the visual encapsulation of Hamas today. You can literally tell if one of Gazans is lying because simply by it speaking. And, you can tell it’s going to lie again simply because it’s still breathing.

Sadly for humanity, Gazanoccio seems to be disturbingly effective in these degenerate times. Between the Hamas members in our nation’s universities, the Anti-Semites across Europe and all of Africa, and those various entities across the globe who are more than happy to use Israel as a proxy war against America, it paints a bleak future for the world.

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A Democrat Big Lie

Banned Books - A Democrat Big Lie
Banned Books – A Democrat Big Lie

Democrats love their Big Lies, mostly because their entire political platform is founded upon them and the supposed correction of them. But, for this post, I’m going to focus upon the Big Lie of “Banned Books.”

Simply put, barring a very, very few exceptions based upon the content being ruled as fraudulent (The Federal Mafia) or being classified material (Operation Dark Heart), there are no legally banned books in America and haven’t been since the 1971 SCOTUS decision in New York Times Co. v. United States. In point of legal fact, most previously banned books were made available for general publication after 1959, when the SCOTUS in Kingsley Pictures Corp. v. Regents overturned the Federal Anti-Obscenity Act (Comstock Act) of 1873.

No, almost the entire extent of “book banning” in the US is limited to concerned individuals wanting to protect children by keeping certain sorts of reading materials out of our schools. And, this is something that both Americans and Democrats have regularly engaged in for many decades and for fundamentally the same reason – protecting impressionable children from materials that they deem to be damaging to their psyches. It must be said though that Democrats are more likely to remove material from school libraries because of the author rather than the content than Americans are, e.g., many works by Dr. Seuss – even beyond the limited set of his works that could be – in a few cases, quite easily – considered to be “racially insensitive.”

And please, do not be like the Dems and their media and equate challenging a book with successfully banning it. Among both Americans and Democrats there always has been, are, and always will be a minority that challenges the publication and dissemination of various and sundry works. They fail and, even when they seem to succeed at the local level, our court system as quickly as the wheels of law allow reverses that success due to the 1st Amendment.

So, Book Bans are just another Democrat Big Lie.

A Couple Of Additional, Personal Points

I’m just going to add a few bits of my personal opinions on related points to the core of this post, mostly because I don’t feel like doing follow-up posts to cover these tangential specifics.

Ratings & Grade Scales

In my opinion, America needs to “rate” some of these books for age appropriate content. What I’m OK with in elementary school is far more limited than what I’m OK with in middle schools. And, when it comes to high schools, there’s very little in the way of reading materials that I believe should be restricted. Blanket restrictions across all grades, just like blanket approvals, don’t make a lick of sense to me.

Parental Approval

While I’m all for opt-outs and requiring parental approvals, I can’t see how this would be effectively applied to books in school libraries. If the books can be checked out by any kid, they’ll be passed around if their made “forbidden.” All requiring parental approval would do in my opinion is create “cool kids” who got to read these and pass them around for social credit or actual monetary / material profit. The Penthouse magazines that somebody – 😉 – passed around my high school being a possibly extreme example of this.

To Kill A Mockingbird – WTF!

Just as a quick WTF sidenote, Democrats seem to hate and have tried to remove Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mocking Bird from some of their school districts, but Americans have never seemed to have a problem with it.

You’d think, given the anti-American propaganda of the ever-so-woke Left, that it’d be either the other way around or with the Democrats also having no problem with it. Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1960 novel does, after all, show stereotypical racism from Whites and fits near perfectly with the Democrats’ CRT curricula, since it showed what amounted to systemic racism and a lynch mob mentality. But no; they hate it because of problematical language and racial – that’d be towards Blacks – insensitivity.

Catcher In The Rye

I don’t believe that J. D. Salinger’s 1951 work, Catcher In The Rye should be banned from high schools. I do, however, think it should be removed from all required reading lists and school curricula. I would like to think that that book is despised by both Americans and Democrats as being harmful to minds of teenagers. In fact, I’m pretty sure that having to read and study it has tipped at least one at-risk teenager into serious depression.

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Today’s Big Lie

Today's Big Lie
Today’s Big Lie

Actually, this is just one of the many big lies that have been told by Biden & Co.. And, that’s not even counting all the “mispeaks” Biden has made which don’t credit as lies due to his dementia. Largely, the only accomplishments that Americans would consider as such that Biden & Co. have achieved are in their own minds and the manipulative minds of the DNC.

Of course, the biggest, most pernicious, and most destructive lie they’ve told is the first one – that Biden actually won the 2020 elections.

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China Ignores Climate Change

China Ignores Climate Change
China Ignores Climate Change

That’s the actual truth. China ignores Climate Change because China doesn’t fear Climate Change since they already have what most people still think of as a Communist government. And their lack of fear is sensible and right since there has never been a single piece of Climate Change legislation, treaties, or anything that didn’t explicitly exempt China from inclusion or enforcement. And this is despite the fact that China is the largest “climate polluter,” making up approximately 30% of global emissions, more than the combined output of American and European Union as a whole.

But titularly Communist nations like China and the various Socialist nations – admittedly, most of them are “Developing” nations – always seem to get a pass when it to anyone’s, especially the UN’s, anti-AGW efforts. This is because reversing or mitigating Climate Change has never been the primary point of Climate Activism at the geopolitical level. It’s always been about wealth redistribution and lowering Western people’s living standards in order to combat “income inequality.” It’s always been about Global Socialism as a pathway to eventual Global Communism.

Those of you who believe in Climate Change as it has been presenteda hoax-in-detail can still be true in broader context – should really be much, much more pissed off at this than the rest of us. Your fears are the ones being manipulated in order to achieve something other than the salvation you believe they’re striving for. Really! You’re trying to save the planet, even if it means great sacrifice, and the politicians and global agencies you’re supporting are trying to further an economic agenda instead of an environmental one. You should be so pissed off about that.

Think about it. What’s the best alternative? That they’re not trying for wealth redistribution, but are merely exempting China, a resource and manufacturing powerhouse, so that Western nations can outsource their emissions there, thereby lowering their numbers and meeting their emission goals?

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Lights, Camera…

Lights, Camera...
Lights, Camera… Bullshit

This is a summation of the beginning of every single television “news” show. Lights, Camera, Bullshit. And that’s the reason for only approximately 58% of adults inside America’s borders saying they have at least some trust in the information that comes from mainstream media. It’s also why over 60% of that 58% of people are Democrats, who eagerly gobble up the particular flavor of bullshit their media spews.

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