China Ignores Climate Change

China Ignores Climate Change
China Ignores Climate Change

That’s the actual truth. China ignores Climate Change because China doesn’t fear Climate Change since they already have what most people still think of as a Communist government. And their lack of fear is sensible and right since there has never been a single piece of Climate Change legislation, treaties, or anything that didn’t explicitly exempt China from inclusion or enforcement. And this is despite the fact that China is the largest “climate polluter,” making up approximately 30% of global emissions, more than the combined output of American and European Union as a whole.

But titularly Communist nations like China and the various Socialist nations – admittedly, most of them are “Developing” nations – always seem to get a pass when it to anyone’s, especially the UN’s, anti-AGW efforts. This is because reversing or mitigating Climate Change has never been the primary point of Climate Activism at the geopolitical level. It’s always been about wealth redistribution and lowering Western people’s living standards in order to combat “income inequality.” It’s always been about Global Socialism as a pathway to eventual Global Communism.

Those of you who believe in Climate Change as it has been presenteda hoax-in-detail can still be true in broader context – should really be much, much more pissed off at this than the rest of us. Your fears are the ones being manipulated in order to achieve something other than the salvation you believe they’re striving for. Really! You’re trying to save the planet, even if it means great sacrifice, and the politicians and global agencies you’re supporting are trying to further an economic agenda instead of an environmental one. You should be so pissed off about that.

Think about it. What’s the best alternative? That they’re not trying for wealth redistribution, but are merely exempting China, a resource and manufacturing powerhouse, so that Western nations can outsource their emissions there, thereby lowering their numbers and meeting their emission goals?

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Lights, Camera…

Lights, Camera...
Lights, Camera… Bullshit

This is a summation of the beginning of every single television “news” show. Lights, Camera, Bullshit. And that’s the reason for only approximately 58% of adults inside America’s borders saying they have at least some trust in the information that comes from mainstream media. It’s also why over 60% of that 58% of people are Democrats, who eagerly gobble up the particular flavor of bullshit their media spews.

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The Experts Weren't Wrong

The Experts Weren't Wrong
The Experts Weren’t Wrong

While generally true in many ways, this is specifically true of experts when it came to the COVID-19 “vaccinations,” and possibly true of the politicians involved as well. And yes, that would include President Trump. They were never wrong; they were always lying about its efficacy and risks.

These experts knew that the COVID shots weren’t vaccines. That’s why Fauci’s CDC changed the definition of “vaccine” so quickly. They also had to know – they did some testing, I assume – that the shots would harm, and even kill, some number of recipients. So, from the start, they weren’t mistaken; they lied. Again, they lied.

However, there are two separate considerations that must be applied to these experts’ mendacity. Firstly, they were dealing with a global panicdemic. They had to do something to combat it, even if it was more placebo than preventative, and they had to do it quickly. Secondly, we do need to address what “safe” means when one is dealing with any drug and the law of large numbers. Approximately 5.56 billion people were given the COVID shots and the number of deaths that we can point to being caused by this are in the 1000s or tens of 1000s worldwide. That tops out at 0.018% or, within the statistical margin for error.

So, their lies were understandable. But, they were still lies. The experts knew that the people’s definitions of an effective preventative and what was safe greatly varied from their own and chose to, as self-proclaimed experts almost always do, apply their own definitions to terms and simply proclaim to us what is and what will be, irrespective of anything else.

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The Quad Co-opter

The Quad Co-opter
Biden: The Quad Co-opter

So, the deranged pedophile that the Democrats installed into the White House was just in Japan, attending the G7 Summit. While there he decided to mumble and rant about “The Quad,” which is an alliance of America, Australia, India, and Japan aimed at keeping the four nations policies in sync to address threats in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea regions – i.e., an Anti-China military-political-economic alliance.

I doubt many people in this audience or any other audience would’ve said that two years after being elected, I’d be able to convince India, Australia, Japan, and the United States to form an organization called ‘the Quad’ to maintain stability in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Joe “Gaffemaster” Biden

Yeah, that almost sounds good. Hell, it almost sounds like the deserved crowing of an actual world leader. But, of course, it’s a bald-faced lie as one must expect from something like Biden. The truth is that Quad predates Biden’s residency in the White House, and it’s re-establishment being one of President Trump’s many unsung and unlauded international achievements.

But, the Quad Co-opter is going to drone on (pun intended) about how he did this and should be given credit for it.

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Biden's Bad Theater

Biden's Bad Theater In Ukraine
Biden’s Bad Theater

So, last week Ole’ Creepy Uncle Joe hared off to Kyiv, Ukraine to make some sort of “statement” while handing his family’s business partner, Volodymyr Zelenskyy another big chunk of American taxpayers’ money ($500 million). And, of course, it was something of a spectacular event with air sirens going off and explosions rocking the city. It was truly a stunning time, a “great risk” to Biden, and a sure sign of his courage and commitment to the cause.

Except that it was just theater, and very bad theater at that.

Indeed, Biden’s bad theater was so bad that even CNN – ever Democrat loyalists – felt compelled to comment upon it.

I’ve been here for the past five days. I have not heard any explosions. I have not heard any air sirens, until about half an hour ago, right when Joe Biden was in the center of Kyiv

Alex Marquardt
CNN Senior National Security Correspondent

But, Biden’s bad theater is par for the course with this “administration.” It’s just a bit more expensive than most off, off, off, off Broadway productions. It’s also the best that they can do, since they have to worry about a Code Silver every moment Biden’s awake and moving around where people can see or hear him.

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