They're The Same Thing


Palestinian Flag & Klan Flag – They’re The Same Thing
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This is the simple truth: waving the Palestinian/Hamas flag and proudly chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is qualitatively no different from flying the banner of the Klu Klux Klan and chanting, “From sea to shining sea, America will be free.” Both are overt calls of racial and religious based genocide. Yet, only the latter would spark outrage in the Democrats.

And don’t, not even for a minute, lie to yourself and believe that these terrorist supporters, the Democrats, don’t know this. They gathered together in public spaces and celebrated Hamas’ attack as soon as they heard about it. Then, they rioted – and continue to riot and attack Jews worldwide – as soon as Israel responded. They know what they’re chanting. They know what they want. They are just like the KKK… except that they have a slightly different list of undesirables and are more prone to violence than the Klan ever managed to be in its 158 years of existence in one form or another.

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From The River To The Sea

From The River To The Sea
From The River To The Sea

From the river to the sea, this land is the land of the Jews, Israel. And, even that is a compromise caused by millennia of foreign oppression of the Jewish people and the perfidy of anti-Semite European powers.

Of course, all the pro-Hamas sorts, i.e., Democrats, will instantly declare this image and post as being genocidal hate speech… and they will do so with an utter and total lack of irony. 🙄

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About That Ethnic Cleansing

About That Ethnic Cleansing
About That Ethnic Cleansing

You hear the Muslims and their ever-so-useful, Leftist, Anti-Semite supporters rant a lot about “Ethnic Cleansing,” which is their code word for genocide without, you know, actual genocide. They constant claim that the Jews of Israel are ethnically cleansing their lands. But, about that Ethnic Cleansing…

As you can see from the infographic above, the actual Ethnic Cleansing has been performed across the Muslim World (Dar al-Alhawam) against the Jews. And, frankly, much of the rest of the world, especially Eastern Europe and Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, has not been that much better.

Yet, across the same span of time, one cannot say that about Israel. In 1948 there were approximately 70,000 Gazans; immediately after the Muslims’ attempt to abort the recreation of Israel, those numbers swelled to over 200,000; and, in 2023 the Gazan population is estimated at over 700,000. Somebody want to explain how a 1000% increase since 1948 in the Muslim Arab population in Gaza is Ethnic Cleansing?

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We May Never Know…

We May Never Know Exactly What Hamas Wants
We May Never Know Exactly What Hamas Wants

Yes, this is from Babylon Bee, a purely sarcastic, dark humor site with normally little intersectionality with real-world facts in evidence. But, the best sarcasm is holding up a mirror to reality and the Bee was perhaps more truthful than planned this time.

If one bothers to listen to the various “reporters” from the Left’s Lamestream Media and far too many pundits and talking heads in the Clerisyand one ex-POTUS – we can’t know or understand what Hamas and the Palestinians they fully represent really want. We need to be told that it’s beyond us and a far too complex issue for our opinions and common sense – or what Hamas and their people outright proclaim – to be listened to or taken into account.

The truth is simple: The Palestinians et al want Hamas to exterminate or drive off, preferably the former, ever single Jew from the Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea and the Jews of Israel neither want to be murdered or be driven from their Homeland.

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Harvard Still Pro-Hamas

Harvard Still Pro-Hamas
Harvard Still Pro-Hamas

Harvard was proven to be- and still proves to be – pro-Hamas, supporters of terrorism, and apologists for literally genocidal antisemitism. First they allowed a large number of their students to openly support and endorse Hamas’ attack upon the Jewish people of Israel, blaming those Jews for anything and everything that happened to them and their people. Now, having to face the consequences for lending aid to one of the world’s worst terrorist groups, they’ve chosen to “step up” and lend support to those students who are now facing the consequences of supporting terrorism.

Harvard is now, under the direction of its Dean of Students, Thomas Dunne, forming a special task force to aid their overly openly anti-Semite students deal with outcome of their strident support for Hamas’ attack upon the civilian Jewish population of Israel.

We are truly grateful for all the tremendous work that students have put forth in supporting each other through this most difficult time, and we appreciate the collaborative spirit in which students, faculty, and staff have come together to repel this repugnant assault on our community.

— Dean – or is it Unterkanzler – Dunne

Dunne will lead the task force, alongside Harvard University Information Technology, the Harvard University Police Department, Counseling and Mental Health Service, the Office of General Counsel, the Mignone Center for Career Success, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and the Office of Undergraduate Education. This support system for these terrorist supporters will operate until Nov 3rd, then reassess its applicability and mission.

So, despite their “virtual signalling” of verbally distancing the college from their anti-Semites, Harvard is still going to great lengths to support them through actual actions and wealth. Harvard, like all the other anti-Semites in the world, is acting as if these terrorist supports are the victims of anything other than their own actions, loyalties, and evil.

Do not believe Harvard’s Taqiyya. Harvard is still pro-Hamas.

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