The Worst Part Of Biden

The Worst Part Of Biden Is His Supporters
The Worst Part Of Biden Is His Supporters

That’s the truth. Biden, much like Obama was, is just a symptom of a broader, more serious infection. As such, the worst part about Biden isn’t anything he’s done, is doing, or will do; it’s that the rank and file Dems don’t care about it. They’ve stood him up – propped him up at this point – against President Trump and the American people and that’s all that matters to the sorts that vote Democrat again, again, and again.

The Worst Part Of Biden Is His Supporters
It Was And Still Is All Trump’s Fault, Never Biden’s

Our domestic enemies won’t blame Biden for anything. Nor will they hold him accountable for anything. Instead, they either claim that only “MAGA extremists” would care about whichever issue has been exposed, or blame it on President Trump… even when he’s been out of office for years and forced to be constantly defending himself against the Democrats’ weaponized legal system. That’s the worst part about Biden.

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Like all Americans, I suffer from PTSD – Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats. Honestly, this particular expression of PTSD has become a hallmark of Americanism. The only ones within our borders not experiencing it to some extent are the ones who are only Americans in the context of legal status, i.e., Democrats and likely Democrats.

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My View On Hamas Protestors

Remember, as Israel is still defending itself from the Muslims, the filth in America who support Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t done with their “Direct Actions” and “Civil Disruptions.” They’re just taking the normal Winter break from their terrorism. All it will take is either the media stirring them up or the return of more clement weather for them to be back on the attack. As such, here’s my preferred view of them:

Pro-Hamas Target
My View On Hamas Protestors

The above is my preferred view of them. And yes, my favorite of such views is any of their young females. It sends a stronger message to the vermin.

Sniper Roost
My Seat To Watch From

And this is my preferred point of view. Secure, anonymous, and comfortable. Also, and equally importantly, it’s removed from the point of contact. That allows me to maintain my own detachment from the act of bringing justice to these terrorists. Getting up close and personal would tempt me too much to give in to my own issues and have fun with it. 😉

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The #FreePalestine Question

Solving For The #FreePalestine Question
Solving For The #FreePalestine Question

For every important question, especially those about how to handle domestic enemies when they’re rioting and suchlike in support of enemies of the one’s nation, there is a solution. Remember though, if the enacted solution isn’t Final, it’s just a stopgap and one that might make the problem more extreme.

Hence, in my rarely humble opinion, the best means of solving for the genocidal, #FreePalestine terrorists is the deployment of MQ-1 Predator and/or MQ-9 Reaper (Predator B) armed with AGM-114N thermobaric Hellfire missiles and/or CBU-100 Rockeye cluster bombs.

For those who know – Yes, I’m aware that there’s no evidence that the MQ-1 or MQ-9 have been equipped with CBUs. It should, however, be an easy task to do so.

Again, for every Question there is a Solution. One just has to have the conviction and the will to find and use it. To do otherwise to allow the question to fester, spread like rot, and require even greater efforts to solve for.

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Where Does It Say?

Where Does It Say This?
Where Does It Say This?

Where does it say this? Where does it say that America should accept into our nation’s borders foreigners who do not want to become Americans in any real manner and who actively and overtly hate our people, are culture, and everything we have always stood for?

I can’t find the relative passage anywhere… except in various screeds by Democrats. Of course, as they’ve been repeatedly proving in recent years, those same Democrats are themselves mostly hostile, free-loading, assholes, waving the flags of enemy nations and terrorists group, so they’re position is logically consistent.

One additional point for patriots, especially active and former military personnel, to remember: those hate-filled “refugees” that the Dems keep trying to import and their internal constituencies are those enemies, both foreign and domestic, that we swore to exterminate.

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