We’re Proud Of You

We’re Proud Of You, Bi Girls

Really! You’ve got to hand it to bisexual girls. Even though they’re the most despised by other sorts of LGBTQ+ types, they just keep on going, largely ignoring the ongoing opprobrium of the less normal and commensurately more strident sorts in the queer community.

You’ve Nothing To Be Ashamed Of At All

It’s so bad that they actually had to make Bisexual Awareness Week to provide them their own “safe space” and to call attention to their actual, separate existence. But, these babes just keep going on about their love lives, largely just shrugging over the loathing, hatred, and alienation they receive from the Pride freaks.

I truly believe that the queers invented the term and sub-group, Pansexuals, just to differentiate between normal bisexual women – and their normalcy is a large part of why the various varieties queers dislike them – and the “appropriately” freakish, outre, and offensive ones.

In Point Of Fact, We Like You

But straight and bisexual men like bi girls. Most of us actually prefer them to straight girls, if only slightly in most of our cases.

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That Queer Ass Chimera


So, once again it’s Pride Month. So, once again the queer ass chimera that is the semi-official grouping of all the real and imagined aberrant sexualities will be regularly gathering together in public spaces and pridefully engaging in disturbing practices of public indecency, more and more of which will be aimed specifically at children. Lovely. 🙁

But then, this has to be expected by normal people. The queers’ – and by that I mean those sexual aberrants who are actively part whole of that whole “culture” – have always been about being offensive to normal people in the most garish manners possible.

Queerness isn’t just about who you want to fuck, you know? Being queer is still fundamentally rooted in having a political resistance to hegemonic ideas of how humans ought to be. And it’s about whether or not you’re an ‘acceptable’ human.

Ass. Prof. Robin Dembroff

Oh yes. This is about the dark and evil side of pridefulness. The ones engaging in the spectacles aren’t just saying that they’re not ashamed of their sexuality; they actively waging a war of sorts against any form of respectability and decency. As they see it, being indecent and actively and publicly offensive to normal people is a core part of being non-heterosexual, i.e., queer. That, of course, course means that, as people become desensitized to their behaviors – or are forced into silence through violence or the threat thereof – these queers will perforce go to further extremes, e.g., the current queer trend towards targeting children. They have to. A pillar of their identity is rebelling against normative acceptability. Hence, they’re in a degenerative feedback loop.

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Disney’s Indy Moments

Disney's Indy Moments
Disney’s Indy Moments

Sadly, the above image pretty much sums up Disney’s Indy moments – along with egregious and deliberately anti-White racial recasting – that they’ve become known for in recent years. Despite failure and failure and an astronomical amount of lost dollars, they’ve consistently chosen #Woke over their audience – or, who used to be their audience.

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The 2024 Testicle Vote

The 2024 Testicle Vote Breakout Explained
The 2024 Testicle Vote Breakout Explained

That about sums up and more than aptly explains the breakout of the testicle vote in the coming 2024 elections. All the men with testicles are voting for President Trump and the “women” with testicles are planning on voting for Creepy Uncle Joe Biden. 😆

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Of Queers & Palestine

Of Queers & Palestine
Of Queers & Palestine

Queers and “Palestine,” are a very odd and mentally diseased intersection, mostly because of the the dramatic difference between the queers inside America’s borders and the queers in either of the two areas of Israel that the Left calls Palestine.

My personal opinion is the we should round these “Queers for Palestine” up and forcibly ship them to either Gaza or the Palestinian Authority – the latter being logistically far easier right now – and let them meet whatever fates they deserve and whatever the Muslims there choose to enact upon them.

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