Fighting For Our Soul

Fighting For Our Soul

Joe Biden and the Democrats have proclaimed that they’re fighting for the soul of America. In this, they are absolutely correct. Of course, much like the Father of Lies, Biden and his sort mean something different than what they’re saying.

But, again, he and they are right. The 2020 elections are one battle, albeit a critically important one, in Americans’ war for the soul of our nation. We should, in all ways, treat this as such.

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Socializing Sin

Socializing Sin By Social Media Platform
Socializing Sin By Platform

An oversimplification? Sure. It’s still fairly accurate though since one can, for the most part, sort the deadly sins by social media platform.  😈

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Hubris Is A Sin

Confess Don't Gloat
Hubris Is A Sin

One should remember, if one is Catholic, that the Confessional is for the confession and repentance of sins, not the boasting of good works. 😉 Of course, it’s also important to remember one’s catechism so that one can tell difference between sin and community service.

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Suspended For Cause

Duck Dynasty's Phil RobertsonSo the Art & Entertainment Network (A&E) has indefinitely suspended one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” Phil Robertson because in an interview with GQ he said some things which offended queers, Blacks, and their enablers and supporters. What this means for their most popular and profitable series remains to be seen.

But, while seemingly very stupid, suspending Robertson for this reason, any reason, or no reason at all is completely within their rights.

If we’re going suspend, terminate, and otherwise vilify, pillory, and attempt to terrorize into submission people who say things that offend various groups within America’s borders, I just wish we’d do so fairly and apply the same treatment to the various queers, Blacks, and other less than mainstream personalities that spout things that offend the majority of the average American citizenry.

That won’t happen though because political correctness is wholly and solely based upon pandering to- and applying a far lower standard of expectations to non-normative, minority cultural adherents.

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No Father!

Roman Catholic priests swear vows of Chastity and Celibacy as part of putting worldly pleasures and distractions aside in order to better serve their God and their congregations.

No Father! It's Get Thee Behind Me, Satan nor Get Me Some Behind
No, Father! It’s Get Thee Behind Me, Satan Not Get Me Behind, Satan!

But, if and when gets to the bottom of the human condition, it’s obvious that this isn’t easy. 😉

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