Creating Skynet

Creating Skynet Out Of Hubris & Willful Ignorance
Creating Skynet Out Of Hubris & Willful Ignorance

No matter which AI-driven near future dystopia floats your boat, remember that it will really be started by Man’s hubris and willful ignorance. If and when it happens, we shall have birthed our own demise through just being us.

Perhaps, however, this is a foregone conclusion. Certainly, any of the Abrahamics should consider that possibility and take such actions as seem proper to postpone and/or mitigate the likely outcome. It seems to me, if one accepts Yahweh as the Creator, to be far more probable that “made in His image” meant our selves, not our flesh, was made so, including the desire to Create. And, of course, we forget that we are flawed and our creations made in our image will be even more so.

It is and I think shall be a worthy test of the pithy truism, “Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.”

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The Nobel For Hubris

Remember how Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize…for being a Black in 2009, just 11 days after being installed in office as POTUS? It’s OK if you don’t. This bit of foolishness passed out of news cycle years ago and, like all Nobel Prizes, is largely meaningless except to secure funding or get more money on the lecture circuit, neither of which Obama needs.

And the Nobel Prize for Hubris goes to the Norwegian Nobel Institute
Obama’s Peace Prize – His 2nd Greatest Handout From Whites

Well, it seems that Geir Lundestad, the non-voting Director of the Nobel Institute until 2014, has admitted in his new memoir titled Secretary of Peace: 25 years with the Nobel Prize that the Institute granted Obama the Peace Prize in order to encourage him and a helping hand. Lundestad also admitted that the handout’s effects failed to live up to the Nobel panel’s expectations when they gave it to Obama.

In retrospect, we could say that the argument of giving Obama a helping hand was only partially correct.

— Geir Lundestad

So, for attempting to lend legitimacy to- and affect the future behavior of a newly installed head of state the Prize of Hubris goes to the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

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Playing God Playing

What we call scientists, especially those involved in genetic manipulation, seem to love to play God.

Genomorphs – Playing God Playing

Now, can you picture what they’d do if the could and chose to play God playing? By that I mean just having some “fun” in the manner that a mischievous deity might with the stuff of live and living creatures.

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A Harsh Realization

Self inspection is for most people very difficult, especially when such musing and pondering centers on one’s place in the grand scheme of life.

Oh my God! I'm an NPC!
Oh My God! I’m An NPC!

And yes! We are most of us merely NPCs, bit characters in someone else’s story, forever doomed to play out our small parts and be forgotten, having done little at all which will be remembered by history. But this would be a harsh realization and most people won’t ever make it and will vociferously reject it if it is pointed out to them.

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Hubris Is A Sin

Confess Don't Gloat
Hubris Is A Sin

One should remember, if one is Catholic, that the Confessional is for the confession and repentance of sins, not the boasting of good works. 😉 Of course, it’s also important to remember one’s catechism so that one can tell difference between sin and community service.

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