CRISPR Critters

CRISPR Critters – Coming Soon?

Yessiree! What with the recent advances is extensive genetic engineering and design through the use of CRISPR, can CRISPR Critters be that far off? After all, it’s already being done. Hell! GloFish have been on the pet market for a few years now.  And, some scientists have even taking the first step of reverting birds – chickens! – to their ancient theropod forms.

And yes! I’m mostly being sarcastic. Still, once the science is available, people will find all sorts of uses for it.

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Genetic Racism

As I’ve written before, we need to put an end to some inherently racist things, not despite their allure and beauty, but because of them.

Good Genes? She’s White So That’s Racist
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A White woman, especially a fresh-faced, all-American looking beauty like this, wearing a “Good Genes” tee shirt is just inherently racist because it says that White genes are good genes and we can’t be saying good things about being White; that’s racist and, at the very least, a microaggression against Blacks.

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Playing God Playing

What we call scientists, especially those involved in genetic manipulation, seem to love to play God.

Genomorphs – Playing God Playing

Now, can you picture what they’d do if the could and chose to play God playing? By that I mean just having some “fun” in the manner that a mischievous deity might with the stuff of live and living creatures.

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Pissed Off Tree Rat

Tiger Squirrel
Guard Your Nuts!

This one’s for fellow blogger and occasional commenter, The Pissed Off Tree Rat because even angry squirrels need superheros some days.

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The Other 99%

In all likelihood, we’re no going to be able to tell any soon whether the defects that led to the Liberal brain or it’s final, fatal expression in OWS rabble or genetic or congenital. All we can do is analyze the gross expressions of their pathology.

OWS Brain, Such As It Is
The OWS Brain

That’s the unfortunate part of life; it hates a vacuum. When the reasoning parts of the human brain fail to grow in utero, the centers of the animal brain focused on irresponsibility, envy, anger, anger rage grow to “compensate” or, at least, maintain intracranial pressure.

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