Jonolan’s So Evil!

In the slightly over 6 six years – yeah, it’s been that long – that Reflections From A Murky Pond has been in existence I’ve received an amazing amount of hate, both in the blog’s comments and via my contact form. The blog and forum posts referencing Reflections From A Murky Pond and their comments have been even more hate filled and vitriolic. Death threats and threats of lesser violence are common as well.

Liberals, Progressives, Angry Black Nationalists and their ethnoguiltist enablers, Islamists and their Dhimmi shills, queers, and now pedophiles, rapists, and the filth who support them really, really think that I’m evil.

It’s great to know that I’m doing the right thing and positive reinforcement is wonderful and I love the image that comes to my mind whenever I get these messages or see one of the enemies posts about me and this site.

You Are So Wrong!
Jonolan’s So Evil! He Makes Me Sooooooo Angry!

Of course, sadly, the above image is pure fantasy. I’m not good enough to cause Mankind’s enemies to suicide or die from some acute form of apoplexy. I wish it were otherwise; truly, I do but I know my limitations and that my rhetoric is not that powerful. Hellfire! It’s not even close. 😉


I do not speak truth to power. I speak truth from power, the power of one man who refuses to bow before sheep or the shepherds and wolves they’ve put in charge of their flocks.

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14 Responses to “Jonolan’s So Evil!”

  1. Elaine Says:

    It is a proven fact that Evil will Increase in Direct Proportion to the Preaching of the Lie. If Good men do nothing to restrain the effects of evil, it will inevitably triumph over all men. Evil is done in darkness. It Cannot stand the Light of Day. Exposed it will either lash out or run and hide. However exposing evil requires Virtue and Courage, because it is always costly to do so. Whether the evil be Political or Religious, it will despise anyone who shines the Light of Truth.

  2. jonolan Says:


    Direct Proportion implies an arithmetic progression. I’m not sold on that idea. Evil seems to increase geometrically if not logarithmically.

    I’ve also noticed that society has reached the point where evil is done unashamedly under the full light of day. It doesn’t seem contained to the darkness anymore.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Your point is not only valid…it is, unfortunately, profoundly accurate.

    Whew! Not sure where to start. Our society … I will keep your comment on a tab alone. Allow me to gather my thoughts and I WILL be back.

  4. Elaine Says:

    My response is not in any stretch of the imagination as profound as your writings; however, the first thing that popped in my mind was, of all people, George Bush.

    Do you remember “The Trickle Down Effect.” He was referring to the economy.

    However, it applies here also. We now have a POTUS in the highest office in the Land. Evil now not only leads the country but allows, protects and ignores Good.

    He, not only commits acts of evil…he encourages acts of evil and defends it. In turn, it trickles down into our society and has become a tsunami effect upon the nation as a whole.

  5. jonolan Says:

    Well, I’m very much not Christian but I’ll borrow from their Book in order to explain what I think has happened:

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    — Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)

    Enough of them have been successful at this that they have no reasonable expectation of experiencing woe this side of the grave and many of them don’t expect any after death.

  6. Elaine Says:

    (Big sigh)…I have refused to refer to myself as a Christian since I was 21 yrs old. I am the daughter and grand-daughter of two ministers. I have very harsh tales of my experiences with them. Therefore, I will NOT allow myself to be in the company of Bible-pounding christians (“c” deliberately). However, That is another story.

    However, I have spent countless days and years researching for the BOTTOM LINE Truth. And, the Truth holds very little resemblance of what is taught in churches much less practiced on a daily basis.

    Back to the subject at hand. EVIL is in control of Our Country. I have been saying this for weeks and weeks. Please understand, it isn’t that I don’t want all of the BC issue brought to light…but it already has. And, what I keep asking people every damn time they send me an email about it is “what do you REALLY think is going to happen?” NADDA since those in D.C. operate without the rule of law, conscience, etc.

    American Citizens believe if you fight the “right way” you will succeed. (re-read your post about refers to “evil as good”… it isn’t going to happen THE RIGHT WAY according to the rules of law. I cannot seem to help them understand THEY DON’T CARE about the law; and The TRUTH has not and will NOT change anything! EVIL HAS TAKEN OVER. And, unfortunately, it will have to be met in the same way manifested evil has been eradicated in the past…. blood will have to be spilled perpetrated by those who are trained to battle with evil manifested in human flesh and bone.

  7. jonolan Says:

    When evil has written or perverted the law abiding by the Rule of Law is no longer the Right Way of seeking redress, Elaine.

    Sadly though, it will not just people like me, “trained to battle with evil manifested in human flesh and bone,” who will be forced to spill and shed blood. It will be needful for many who my kind would normally protect to do so as well.

    That is why it hasn’t happened yet and why Evil maintains its ascendancy. We are too terrified of the costs of enacting change.

  8. Alfie Says:

    I apologize for offering a lame & light comment but the animation in this post….LOVE IT!

  9. jonolan Says:

    No apology need, Alfie. I get a kick out of the animation and the hate and rage of those who feel it towards me.

    The discussion just started out more seriously than expected – not that there’s anything wrong with that since some things need to be said.

  10. Moe Says:

    Although I”m not fond of being lumped ins with pedophiles (I know, that’s not what you meant), I’m so weary of the knee jerk responses we both experience. Although I must say, I have not yet been on the receiving end of the vitriol, but then I’ve only been at it half as long as you.

    I enjoy our dialogues,, probably BECAUSE we have such different world views. More of that would go a long way, but I fear it’s almoost against human nature.

    GREAT gif!

  11. jonolan Says:

    I can’t truly say that I lumped you in with any of my enemies. You’ve never sent and vitriol or hatred in my direction, Moe.

    As for the opposing views coming together and discussing things – That’s fine for you and I but it leads to “compromise” when politicians do it and the political definition of “compromise” is legislation that nobody likes and that serves the needs of nobody except the – often unrelated to the legislations’ intended effects – special interests of the politicians in question.

  12. Moe Says:

    Well, unless polititicans or other groups can find compromise, no one will ever get along with anyone else. I guess a world of perpetual war would result.

    Compromisse isn’t what leads to corruption.. Corruption is what does that. Venal persons is what does that.

  13. Elaine Says:

    I do understand what you are talking about… “laws been perverted…”
    I don’t even know where to start. You have probably seen this coming long before I entertained the thoughts of how our laws have been perverted to the National Level. I witnessed it on a smaller scale when I worked in politics in Dallas. I was raised to “believe in the law.”
    It was a very disturbing shock to me as I worked around politicians for the City of Dallas (and that is a very small scale compared to the National level).

    I was raised to believe in Right vs. Wrong.
    You were either one who would abide by the law; or
    you weren’t. I know I sound like a “simpleton.” That is just the way I was brought up. Being around politicians “ate my lunch”!… so-to-speak. I got out of it because I could NOT tolerate the duplicity. I just did NOT have that in me.

  14. jonolan Says:


    No, compromise isn’t what leads to corruption, but the politicians do not have the same definition of compromise that the people do. Just look at the laws they create these days as examples of this.


    Just about all of us were raised that same way. It takes effort and will to look and realize that the law no longer serves we, the People but, instead, is used to control us for the benefit of others.

    Also, never conflate Right & Wrong with Law & Crime and never, ever, ever, expect the law to intersect with justice.

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