CNN’s Future History

CNN's Future History
CNN’s Future History

With yet another scandal over their anti-Trump bias and lackluster relationship with truth, CNN, the flagship of the Lamestream Enemedia’s Fake News Corps, doesn’t look like it will have a rosy future.

No. It’s my educated guess that the future peoples will look back at the history of this time and nothing good to say about CNN and/or others of its ilk. They will look back in scorn at CNN’s abrogation of their rights as a free press in their unholy quest to unseat President Trump.

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You Are Old!

You Are Old
If You Laughed, Snorted, Or Face-Palmed You Are Old!

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Mission Rejected

Brennan – Mission Rejected

This is a hilarious, if largely inaccurate, way of depicting President Trump having Brennan’s top secret security clearance revoked in the wake of Brennan’s gross disloyalty to both the POTUS and the nation.

The inaccuracy, of course, is not the acknowledgement that Brennan is just another Left-leaning myrmidon of the Deep State trying to enact a coup upon Americans’ President. No, the inaccuracy is solely that Brennan’s mission to “get Trump” is blocked by his security clearance being revoked at this point in time.

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