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Political Terrorism

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on September 28th, 2012

Obama The Liar-in-ChiefThe Obama Regime can’t seem to make up its collective mind as what was the cause of the recent Muslim attacks upon US Embassies in the Muslim World and the brutal murders of American diplomats in those filth-filled regions.

First, Obama and his handlers made sure to blame a video mocking the Pedophile Prophet for the attacks. Then, when “It’s our fault and we deserved it” didn’t sit well with Americans, Obama decided that the attacks were terrorism and linked to Al-Qaeda, which the Obama Regime has spent a year telling us was largely defunct.

Think of it as “political terrorism.” As far as the Obama Regime is concerned, whether or not an attack upon Americans to be called terrorism depends solely upon the political impact to the Campaigner-in-Chief.

Fundamental Change

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on September 26th, 2012

Until quite recently the Obama Campaign was selling a mockery of the American flag on their website. It was, before its removal, entitled “Our Stripes.” It is currently unclear as to whether Americans’ outrage over this insult caused the Obama Regime to remove it or if enough of America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants, bought the print that it sold out. The Obama Regime claims the latter though.

Obama's Flag - As Obama is a mockery of a man so too is his flag is a mockery of America's
The Flag Of The Obama Nation

For myself, I largely believe the Obama Regime in this singular matter as it fits his cultists’ mentality and ideology. I figure that, even if it was pulled due to rightful American outrage, most copies had already been sold to our nation’s enemies.

Liberals' View Of America
The Liberals’ & Progressives’ View Of America

That makes sense since these Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants don’t see anything good, Right, or worthwhile when they look upon America. They certainly don’t see anything that they love, have respect for, or loyalty towards – especially our nation’s flag which they have so often disparaged and held up as a symbol of evil.

Yeah, it seems likely to me that they’d be eager to buy the Obama Regime’s mockery of the American flag since they and Obama are mockeries of Americans and humanity.

Flags - American vs. Obama
You Choose And You And Yours Face The Consequences

So the the residents – both American and the others around us – of this great nation must choose. Will they each side with America and her flag or with Obama and his campaign’s mockery thereof. As with all choices, consequences will be attached to such a choice.

About This They Bitch?

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on September 25th, 2012

Media Brainwash - From Mainstream to LamestreamIt’s truly amazing – in a manner somewhat similar to Stalin’s, Pol Pot’s, and Mao’s behaviors being “amazing” – how the Lamestream Media behaves and what its myrmidons choose to complain about. Seeing, hearing, or reading what they say is for Americans like getting a glimpse of a totally foreign and alien culture that bears only the most superficial resemblance of our own.

This week the Lamestream Media broke ranks and whined about how their boy, Obama was putting campaigning before duty.

Of course no American should even begin to get their hopes up that the Lamestream Media has begun to return to America’s bosom. Their complaint is that Obama wasn’t spending enough time appeasing, placating, and apologizing to various foreigners (Israel excepted of course. They’re just noise) who were at the UN.

Just to name a few, Chuck Todd of MSNBC, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, ABC’s Jake Tapper, and the CBS Evening News all took swipes at the president for doing campaign stops, TV entertainment shows, and softball interviews instead of doing his job as our nation’s chief foreign policy representative by meeting with the world leaders who are this week visiting New York at the United Nations.

This is par for the course for the ever globalist, Soros embroiled Lamestream media. Of course they’re going to bitch when and only when Obama isn’t dutiful enough to foreigners and their bargaining co-op, the United Nations.

And, as odd is may seem for me to say it, Obama’s team’s response was spot on. America has Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to handle one-on-bilateral meetings with foreign heads of state at these functions. It’s rarely needful or appropriate for an American POTUS to make themselves available for such things.

And then there’s the fact that America’s “chief foreign policy representative” has achieved nothing by direct involvement in such matters except an escalation of worldwide violence, anti-American action, and uncounted deaths of both Americans and foreigners.

You Can’t Blame Obama!

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on September 25th, 2012

You can’t blame Obama! Not for anything that is currently go wrong in or for America or in the world at large.  This is not to say that boy isn’t culpable for these; it’s just that is wrong for Americans to judge him for these things.

Because Obama’s Black, That’s Why!

An American has to remember the weight of history attached to holding Blacks accountable for their actions and inactions and how society’s previously have done so has disproportionately negatively impacted Blacks’ social and economic outcomes.

You can’t blame Obama even though you could and would blame a White POTUS for exactly the same things in exactly the same circumstances because it’s racist to hold a Black to the same standards of behavior and performance as a White. 😉

And This Makes Sense?

Posted in Politics, Society on September 24th, 2012

In New York City, as with essentially the entire country, school nurses can’t dispense even an aspirin without direct doctor’s order but now under the auspices of Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health (CATCH) they can dispense both contraceptives and the Plan B abortificant to to minor girls without any form of parental consent or notification – and this makes sense?

Indeed, does it make any sense for the city to provide doctors to the schools to give these prescriptions to girls as young as fourteen when they don’t provide such services for any other sort of medical need, most of which would be far more legitimate than contraception and abortificants?