And This Makes Sense?

In New York City, as with essentially the entire country, school nurses can’t dispense even an aspirin without direct doctor’s order but now under the auspices of Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health (CATCH) they can dispense both contraceptives and the Plan B abortificant to to minor girls without any form of parental consent or notification – and this makes sense?

Indeed, does it make any sense for the city to provide doctors to the schools to give these prescriptions to girls as young as fourteen when they don’t provide such services for any other sort of medical need, most of which would be far more legitimate than contraception and abortificants?


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3 Responses to “And This Makes Sense?”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I once thought of teaching as being in an honorable profession until I went to graduate school with them. I was going to Texas A&M and was in the M.S. Program for Community Counseling. The teachers wanting to get their M.S. Degrees in School Counseling also had to take classes in psychology, counseling. In every class, they were “allowed to cheat.” One of the classes they had to take was Advanced Psychology. AGAIN, they had their books out in plain sight; and no one said a word.

    The ONLY people who weren’t allowed to cheat were getting a M.S. in either Psychology or Counseling.

    How can one teach children to learn if the teachers cheated their way through school? I had great teachers all through school. I graduated from High School in 1964. I don’t understand what happened to the profession. Has the mentality of teachers changed that much? Or, was I too young to notice they have something missing in their psyche?

  2. Elaine Says:

    It is WRONG to leave the Nation’s children in the hands of teachers to make such crucial decisions….and to have the power to do this to children is unconscionable.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I think that when you were in school the rot had not really set in yet. It really wasn’t until the 1970s that the teachers at primary and secondary levels started to truly go downhill. This I think is because it was in the latter 1960s when the colleges and universities really started going downhill and turning into little more than Liberal indoctrination centers more focused upon shaping the next generation of Leftwing foot soldiers than upon educating American youths.

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