Idealized Beauty

Once upon a time it was bards, minstrels, and artists that set the standard for beauty. In these later, degenerate times the standard for beauty is largely defined by the fashion and cosmetics industries. These groups have created the new form of idealized beauty that they’ve decided that women should strive to emulate.

But what is the ideal standard that these fashionistas are promoting? What do they want to demand that women to look like? To properly illustrate their fantasy of idealized beauty I’ve gathered the images of 18 female celebrities that have been photoshopped in order to present these women as fashion industry would desire them look.

18 Celebrity Women Transformed Into Idealized Beauties

What’s the most sickening thing about those Auschwitz-esque images is that they’re not that far off from what the fashionistas actually demand that their models look like.

Skeletons Dipped In Wax Anyone?

Long ago a particularly nasty and utterly disgusting subvariety of queers and a number of ugly, bitter spinsters infiltrated, infected, and suborned the fashion industry. Since then they have developed a standard of “beauty” that has nothing to do with women’s beauty and everything to do assuaging their own well-deserved feelings of inadequacy. Sadly though, they’ve been allowed to get away with it for the most part, largely because $60 billion weight loss industry is a major set of advertisers in fashion magazines.

Yeah, there’s a $60 billion dollar per year global weight loss industry willing and eager to sell women “self respect” for what they consider a very modest recurring fee.

That, combined with a fashion industry largely controlled by flamers and failed-at-being-women females is enough to make any right-thinking man wish that dousing these enemies of mankind in gasoline and lighting them up was legal – or that one could get away with it long enough to make doing it worthwhile instead of being just a selfish pleasure.

The fashionistas – with a very few exceptions – and their backers very deliberately ignore reality, especially when it comes to what sizes real women are. Respectively, their self-images and wealth are dependent upon propagating a standard of idealized beauty that is unachievable.

These creatures should not be allowed any public forum in which to mouth their opinions and “ideas” and should be forcibly driven from any that they now enjoy by any means available and with as much lasting damage inflicted upon them as we can manage. That we allow them exist at all is a grievous sin that the Gods will certainly punish us harshly for committing.

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  1. mcnorman Says:

    I once heard a crazy designer state that the models should be hangers for the clothes. This is not the only screwed up world where anorexia and bulimia is prevalent. The dance world is filled with women trying to keep their bodies in pre pubescent shape.

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