Arabs Should Go Home!

Helen Thomas - Dean of the White House Press Corps and filthy,subhuman antisemitic Arab vermin Can you imagine the raving uproar from the Liberals if a member of the White House Press Corps had said at some Muslim group that the Arabs should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Jordan and Saudi Arabia? Can you imagine how severe that response would be if the person who said it was Jewish or of Jewish roots?

Pandemonium would ensure as every Liberal media outlet in America broadcast the story and the Muslims and their shills in America raged in bloody riots across the nation.

The Muslims’ and Liberals’ calls for the person’s removal from the White House Press Corps would shake the heavens and the person in question, now branded a raging bigot and Islamophobe, would be instantly banned from President Obama’s White House.

But when Helen Thomas, an Arab born within America and the “Dean” of the White House Press Corps standing outside a White House Jewish heritage event on May 27, 2010, told Rabbi David Nesenoff her opinion of Israel was that the Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine,” and added that Palestine is a country of occupation, whose occupiers should leave the region, returning to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else” there was no outcry at all by the MSM.

The incident didn’t reach the American public’s attention until the Drudge Report publicized’s video of the filthy Arab’s antisemitic screed against America’s only sincere ally in the Mid-East.

Helen Thomas Provides Proof Arab is Always an Arab

Of course, once it was caught, Helen Thomas “apologized” and many including her employer Hearst Newspapers, seem to willing or eager to let the matter drop, though the agency that represents it, Nine Speakers, Inc., did drop it like the piece of filth that it is.

Sure; whatever it says. It’s only sorry that an American actually managed to draw enough attention to its statement that it might suffer some far more than well-deserved discomfort.

Thomas is 89 so there’s little point in her extermination, but part of me says such a curettement should be still be performed for the public health, as a matter of principle, and to send a stern message to America’s foreign and titularly domestic enemies.

Other parts of my soul remember that we Americans cannot protect the health of nation in that way due to the inviolate 1st Amendment of our Constitution. That’s probably for the best, since it would set a precedence that our enemies, both current and future, might use it to America’s detriment.

Obama’s White House, utterly unsurprisingly, seems to have no problems or issues with either Helen Thomas’ antisemitism or its fondness for Jew-baiting. It’s beyond unlikely that they’ll censure it in any way unless forced to do so by the American people, and even that seems more and more unlikely to be successful as Obama’s regime further divorces itself from we, the People.

UPDATE: Thomas has retired in disgrace, effective immediately. In the wake of Thomas’ retirement the Obama administration finally spoke out and described Thomas’ remarks as, “offensive and reprehensible.”

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31 Responses to “Arabs Should Go Home!”

  1. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    One woman = anecdotal evidence and is NOT proof. Even my freshman kids can point that out in one second flat. If ONE could be generalised to ALL, then, considering the heinous anti-Arab statements I’ve heard from one Jewish person, I could easily say that ALL Jews want to kill Arabs and all of them are Zionists, which is not at all true.

    That’s a HUGE fallacy. Would never be accepted by anything of credibility- but great propaganda.

  2. jonolan Says:

    What do you care, Nabiha? You rant about the acknowledged evils of Arabs more than either I or any staunch Zionist ever has.

  3. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    Yes, I’m pointing out a fallacy. I would NEVER say that just because some Wahabi Arabs are pouring money into terrorism, that means ALL Arabs are jihadi wannabes. That would be weak reasoning and logic. When I write, I write based on actual evidence so that I can prove my point. Anecdotal evidence is a fallacy and to make such a racist generalisation is sickening. It’s as bad as the “all Americans are devil worshiping free masons who want to kill all muslims.”

    They are not “the evils of Arabs”- their race has nothing to do with it. I admire people like Edward Said, who was an Arab, immensely. I am against those who are promoting hatred in my homeland. But I have no issues whatsoever with the vast majority of the Arab world, especially the poor Palestinians! Do not accuse me of your racism John please.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Of course you admire Said; he was one of the first of the rabid anti-Semites to pollute Western education.

  5. Paradigm Says:

    Nahiba: Nowhere in this post is there a generalization from Thomas to all Arabs. It does point the finger at Liberals in general, but given the lack of response or delayed response to Thomas on their behalf that actually makes sense. So it’s not anecdotal in any sense of the word.

    Jonolan: Yes, I know you can fight your own battles; I just had to get it out of my system ; )

  6. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    Yes the title: Arabs should go home is plural. So yes it does imply that. What you are doing is soooo counterproductive. Enticing people to be racist and kill others will affect you negatively. Go ahead delude yourself otherwise. YOU and YOUR WORDS are creating terrorists MUCH MORE than ME, A PAKISTANI.

  7. jonolan Says:


    The title was certainly plural and a play on words based upon the filthy vermin. Thomas’ own statement. It was clearly put into context in the opening paragraph on the post – so, nice try but little or no success in furthering your point.

    As for the rest of your comment – I’ve nothing against Pakistinis based upon ethnicity, as you should well know. I do have a problem with Muslims, irrespective of their secular nationality.

    As for “terrorism” – There have been surprisingly few even vaguely terrorist attacks against Muslims. It seems that terrorism in the modern age – post IRA / UDA – seems to be a largely Muslim conceit.

  8. Alishba Zarmeen Says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with Nabiha.
    And Jonolan, honey, you are the representation of the typical, brainwashed, propaganda believing, intellect murdering western citizen.

    Your very statement, “I do have a problem with Muslims, irrespective of their secular nationality” shows your pro-genocide ideology. You DO realize that by saying that you are leaving NO difference between yourself and Taliban?

    And what ARE you saying? FEW ATTACKS? People dying EVERYDAY in Pakistan because of American drones IS a terrorist attack. People dying in Afghanistan IS a terrorist attack! People dying in Iraq IS a terrorist attack! Attempting to attack Iran IS a terrorist threat!

    I can only laugh at your ignorance for if you had researched about Muslims and Islam, hell humanity and religion in GENERAL, you would not have been saying all that.

    SHAME on you for perpetuating such sentiments! SHAME on your background which leads you to such conclusion! SHAME on your existence on this planet!


  9. jonolan Says:

    You’re attitude is growing typical but is no less saddening and frustration for its becoming commonplace. That a Jew, born in either America or Israel and living within the US, could turn traitor to both their nation(s) and their people is no longer shocking in these degenerate days, but is still horrid to see or hear of.

    Change your name, filth; Alishiba being a corruption of Elisheva, who was Aaron’s wife and means either “My God is my oath” or “My God is my sustenance.” You’re continuing to use it while supporting the Muslims who would gladly exterminate your people is more insulting than anything that human could ever say.

    You disgust me far more than Muslims ever will. They cannot be expected to know or behave better or otherwise than they do; you should know better.

    May you rot in Hell and may someone send you there with all due dispatch – but not so much that you don’t suffer on the road to death.

  10. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    Muslims don’t know better? FUCK YOU. I’m sorry but my sister’s IQ is rocket high and you could never compare. That is just disgusting. I mean to slot people based on their religion is just utterly loony.

  11. jonolan Says:

    No, Muslims, by and large, don’t know any better and cannot be expected to comport themselves in the manner of the civilized peoples of the world, Nabiha, irrespective of their titular intelligence.

    Once the rot caused by the social disease of Islam sets in they suffer a sort of madness – in symptomatology, if not pathology, it is much akin to rabies or other degenerative neurological disorders, diseases and parasitic infections in many ways.

    Such madness can strike the “intelligent” as well as the “dim,” Nabiha as you well know. Indeed, such high-functioning plague carriers are far more dangerous than their lesser and more obviously brutish fellow sufferers.

  12. Baba Sharma Says:

    @ Jonolan. “No, Muslims, by and large, don’t know any better and cannot be expected to comport themselves in the manner of the civilized peoples of the world, Nabiha, irrespective of their titular intelligence.”

    This, I think is bullshit. I think you have some very outdated views on other faiths.

    “May you rot in Hell and may someone send you there with all due dispatch – but not so much that you don’t suffer on the road to death.”

    Dude, you need to lay off that biblical shit, it went out of fashion like 600 years ago, after the crusades.

    Dude, lets put it this way. I am a Hindu, and am supposed to hate Muslims, However what you are saying is outrageous. I think now you will call me a heathen worshiping to false idols. That would be typical of a fundamentalist dude like you. I just suggest that you take some pills, and drill some holes in your cranium, so that fresh air can come in.

  13. jonolan Says:

    LOL @Baba Sharma!

    One problem with your pro-Muslim screed – I’m as heathen as you are. In fact, I have many occasions offered sacrifices to Kali alongside those I sent on their way to Morrigu.

  14. mickey Says:

    Jonolan: I am amazed to see that people like you still exist. No offence meant but buddy you are a dinosaur. People dont think like that anymore. Now there is a lot of science and stuff and all that other shit around you telling that eventually humans are quite same no matter what creed, religion or whatever they believe in. I can see that you have faith but no knowledge for religions. You are wasting this strong feeling you have. I suggest you read more, give the Psalms the Torah and The Koran a read, you will find that all these books are absolutely the same. Saying the same things over and over again. You’ve seen arabs veil their women in blankets from head to toe, seen Afghans killing their women for little stuff, seen pakistanis honor kill their family members, unfortunately you were unable to gather that all this is the culture of that particular land, if you saw arabian nights you would see that even their chicks would be half naked dancing along the campfire but would have a veil on their face.. something abt it probably turns them on.. the afghans have this fighting nation being invaded all the time so their survival probably depends on it maybe they are wary of their race being mixed with some they kill the women who go astray a bit (according to their rules) they have their reasons you can call them illiterate, uncultured, dirty, uneducated or whatever but that is no reason to hate them.. and its got nothing to do with any religion unless you think that becoming a muslim somehow mutates your DNA or your mind and makes you something a normal human being is not.. lol..

    for instance I see your views and I think you lack education: does that give me a reason to hate you?

    Think abt it and tell me.. If you cant turn around and mend your ways then I have a right to hate you? coz i dont like you??? is that it? is that what you actually want? I’d prefer for you to be liked; like everyone else is.. if you cant help people then you better get some for yourself..


  15. mickey Says:

    and btw that helen thomas thing:

    see if jews were killed at home they acquired the right to take over another’s land??

    if americans are killed on american soil.. which they have been many times.. they should leave and go somewhere else?? absurd!

    right now iraqis and afghans have been killed probably more than the jew number so i think they are due their american passports since a long time.

    besides, if jews lived in israel before that, then we can also say that the palestinians lived there before the jews. and since jesus was the last to show up in israel i think christians have a bigger right on it.. or how about we leave the united states and canada for the red indians or latin america for the mayans?? think abt it buddy

  16. Alishba Zarmeen Says:

    FYI you uneducated species of some sort, I am Muslim. And YES I have a Jewish name. Does that make ANY SENSE to you?
    We all come from the same essence. Your practice DOESN’T matter.
    I love Jews like I love Muslims. I love Christians like I love my family (btw I went to a Catholic missionary school for 11 years). I love atheists like I love the Sufis. and so on

    You are a disgrace to human race, instead of calling me an American Jew traitor to both lands, re-evaluate yourself and see if you even fit in this mosaic. Re-evaluate your notions to see if they are even educated conclusions or mere YouTube ‘lectures’.

    I wish you success in life and I pray for your cranium and heart to grow bigger SOME DAY.

  17. jonolan Says:


    Ahh, you’re Muslim. Then your attitude and your loyalties makes sense.

    My apologies for considering you other and better than you are. I saw the Hebrew in your name on blogspot and made the logical but erroneous assumption.

  18. Alishba Zarmeen Says:

    You can’t read. Can you?

  19. mickey Says:

    Give it up Jonolan. Its abt time.. no gives a shit and neither should you. No muslim wants to exterminate christian/jews just like no christians or jews wanna wipe out the muslims.. apart from that unexpected exception. YOU

  20. jonolan Says:

    You’d be hilarious, mickey, if the situation wasn’t so dire as to make your attitude and ignorance or delusion dangerous

    No muslim wants to exterminate christian/jews just like no christians or jews wanna wipe out the muslims.

    I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many in the Civilized World who believe that no Muslims want to exterminate non-Muslims. There have been too many genocidal pogroms against kufr in Muslims nations, to many wars of aggression against Israel, and too many Muslim terrorist attacks against humanity for sane people to lend credence to your premise.

    Similarly, you’d find few Muslims who haven’t been indoctrinated to believe that the kufr aren’t out to get them. Historic and current events certainly substantiate that belief if one ignores that the Muslims were the 1st aggressors in all cases – except for Israel founding, of course.

  21. mickey Says:

    Man! it is really hard to make you grasp a point buddy. Look, The people/nation of a community, religion or even a society are the true essence of that body. The handful few who are either too poor or too rich to become a part of that “PEOPLE” because they are truly different from us lot.

    Now What I am talking about are those “PEOPLE” the average white collar people; the greatest majority of planet earth. I am talknig abt their views and thinking. They dont wanna exterminate any other nation for the reason of “Differences” among them, whether be religious or any other cause. Like you, do you wanna kill muslims just because they are not christians? or is your reason the “obvious” fact that muslims are killing everyone else? I think we both know the answer to that one.

    What I am insisting on is that it is always that small handful: The clergy, The rich, even the poor, the politicians, the terrorist organizations. I can never believe that the so-called “muslim” terrorist organizations have an Islamic Agenda of Jihad against Kufr. Just like I can never justify American attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea etc. no matter what reason they give. I have always learned and thought that we can let go of a bunch of criminals just to save once innocent person. The criminals will always spring up more and more so whats the point in sacrificing innocent people to score some extra points? obviously you understand that goes for all organizations, governments, terrorist cells etc.

    I hope you understand how I made the claim of no one wanting to kill another. We are so much stuck in these fucked up problems of a normal life how can we even think of going out and killing other people for fun? have you ever killed anyone Jonolan? you think its a piece of cake? try it someday lol

    We always had and always will have those insurgents, the Hitmen who create these problems, The too rich always get on the psycho side and i think I can safely say that for the extremely poor as well. Remember this is all happening to control and keep check on us lot. The true servants who pay the cost of their own slavery. Buddy these are not fighting times.. These are times to unite. Dont think of hurting people but heal instead! I know you must have some more cocky comments. If ever warm air gets to you, and you have to struggle for basic necessities like food, water then these thoughts will never wander your mind. Its not in your head.. its all in that full tummy of yours.


  22. mickey Says:

    Muslim terrorist attacks! lol

    how can you be 100% sure abt them being Muslim?

  23. jonolan Says:

    It’s hard for you to get me, and likely any other sane human, to grasp you point because your point is, at best and kindest, erroneous and, in more likelihood and at worst, deliberately fallacious, mickey.

    As for my reasons, my history, and my religion – you’re very far off-base, but that’s to be expected.

    Goodbye now; don’t hurry back.

  24. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    WOW you know I use you as an example of a zealot nutcase. All I need to do to prove just how alive and well Islamophobia is, and just how utterly ludicrous brainwashed fascists like you are, is point people to your blog. I think even my youngest students could tear apart your arguments since they are only based on fallacies and hatred.

  25. jonolan Says:

    Hatred? Certainly. Based on fallacy? Not one little bit!

    Tell me, Nabiha, what would happen to you in your homeland if you had the courage to voice some of your beliefs? As it is, you commit fraud every time you fill out the paperwork necessary to travel outside of PK and that’s on top of the potentially capital crime of blasphemy.

    I could go on and on, but you know the arguments and know the truth of them. You’ve just been so blinded by your recent growth of feeling of nationalism and racial victimology – the latter not entirely unfounded – that you choose to ignore them.

  26. Paradigm Says:

    A late comment. Nahiba: The title “Arabs should go home!” is called hyperbole and is not to be taken literally. But since you clearly have some education you probably know that, but hope that others reading this don’t. That is cynical and deceptive.

    As for your sisters IQ it is not very representative of the Muslim world:

  27. jonolan Says:

    Don’t bother, Paradigm. Nabiha is no longer capable of understanding your argument due to her sudden growth of nationalism and racial identity in the wake of the recent Afghan War and its surrounding events.

    She is also incapable – without more effort than she would likely spend at least – to read your comment. Various of her other responses on different blogs, along with a myriad other insults and actual threats from Pakistanis, has caused me to block the nation of Pakistan from Reflections From A Murky Pond.

    Since they had nothing of value to offer I decided to eliminate them from the equation. I encourage all others to do the same and to avoid their sites as well.

    We cannot coexist, but exterminating them is not necessary if we can, instead, quarantine them, thereby eliminating their threat to the Civilized World and our threat to their chosen way of existing.

  28. Fox Up Front | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] the seat vacated by AP who will be taking over the seat the forced retirement of the anti-Semite Helen Thomas emptied. Press Corps In White House Briefing […]

  29. Nabiha Meher Shaikh Says:

    Oh John! Ever heard of proxies? Cause really you are racist to the core. You are EXACTLY like the Muslims you want to kill. You are Islamophobic and xenophobic. You think genocide is OKAY? I mean really? But it’s not ok if it’s done on you, Americans? That’s not nationalism- that’s human rights. And I challenge you to find one instance on my blog or any other articles where I advocate violence. Nothing but peaceful solutions, which you blood thirsty hate mongers don’t want.

    Btw, call any professor, anywhere in the world and you will find out that wikipedia IS NOT a reliable source from any angle. No student is allowed to use it, but obviously, ignorant fools don’t know that. They will just pick and choose ANYTHING to prove their insane points.

    Oh, and John, need I remind you that I get death threats for defending the good things the US is doing? That I publicly take on this insane conspiracy theorists? I DO voice my opinion and I do try and change my religion on my passport, and had I the option to do so, I would.

    Yes, fallacies. Go to college or university. They will teach you. But yeahhh if you go to “rabid right wing Fox news” college, then they will teach you the fine art of ignorance and propaganda. I REFUSE to indulge your ignorance and intolerance. An attack on my people IS a PERSONAL attack so pleasee stop playing the victim. Insane.

    If you don’t want to approve my comment, then please be totally cowardly and by all means do so. But didja know that banning people from something in order to spew your violent venom against us makes it more enticing for them to come here…

    Again, you are an excellent example. Every comment you ever wrote on facebook lead to soooo much outrage, disgust and outcry- I TOLERATED your nonsense for a while because THAT is good critical thinking. But not at the expense of those I love. You basically called EVERY SINGLE ONE of my family and friends terrorist. How callous! We’ve all suffered a lot, and your behalf too. Go ahead delude yourself. And to say that we deserve is DISGUSTING. Enough said.

  30. jonolan Says:

    Of course I’ve heard of proxies, Nabiha. Most, however, either don’t know how to use them or will not bother to do so due to their perennial performance problems. If a Pakistani such as yourself wants to put in that much effort to reach this blog then they’ll reach it, as you have proven.

    Why any Pakistani would want to go to such trouble is largely beyond my ken though. There’s little or nothing here for them and likely never will be.

    As for any outrage or sadness that my comments and critiques caused – there’s an old axiom, “The Truth Hurts.”

    I’ll leave your comment up though, Nabiha; I’ve never to-date deleted one of yours and have only deleted a very few of others’ over the years. Hopefully though it will be your last one.

    As a Pakistani woman once said upon my departure from her blog, “Good riddance to bad garbage.”

  31. That Isn't Diversity | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] people would learn, especially after being publicly and nationally disgraced and condemned and having ones entire life’s work rendered meaningless. Not Helen Thomas […]

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